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Undersized Urbanite contest update!

**does happy dance** Finally here to talk about one of my favourite things. Minis!!! After last night’s post about NaNo,  I still felt lost about the whole book thing. So, I brought out the dollhouse. The reason why I haven’t been working on it, besides lacking time and energy, I was having a really hard […]

Undersized Urbanite 2014

Say what now?! Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Contest 2014! I knew another contest would come around. After the contest last year, I was unsure if I would participate or not….there is something super defeating about putting in 6 months of effort…. to end up with an unfinished dollhouse on your shelf… ,lol, but that is no […]

Undersized Urbanite: Work in Progress: Front Porch

I have two more posts it’s really not nice to lie, I have A LOT more posts coming, but this is one of the two last “Work in progress” installments. Then I owe a general undersized urbanite update, and have some thrifting goodies to share! After spending time on the inside, I turned back to […]

Undersized Urbanite: Work in progress: Quarter scale bedroom

AWWWW… I missed my one year Blog Birthday! :*( On April 18th, I will have been blogging and, building the Orchid dollhouse (HA!), for one year! That might not seem like long to some of you, but OHHH EM GEEE, I can’t believe I’ve actually stuck to something this long! Besides school, my whole life […]

Undersized Urbanite: Work in progress; Quarter scale kitchen

since I’m sooooooo behind on updating after my inability to upload my thousands of pictures, I have decided to group the stuff I wanted to share into “work in progress” posts. Which will just basically be photo-dumps of the work I’ve done lately. I can’t believe how fast time is going by! I’m getting worried […]

Undersized Urbanite update: Weeks 15/16

The spring air has been getting to me lately! I’ve been spending a lot of time cleaning and getting ready for summer. 🙂 I’ve also been playing arond with my blog layout, as you might notice. Im still working on that, but don’t hold your breath, might take a while. I owe a two week […]

Takin’ care of business

And workin’ overtime. I’m sure I’ll regret how late I stayed up last night when this afternoon hits, it was almost 3 when I finally hit the pillow but with only 36 days left, I can’t waste time! That date, by the way, is for May 4th and I’m pretty sure the contest doesn’t close […]

Diving in!

I just realized I never did my weekly update for undersized urbanite.  I will put that up tomorrow. I just wanted to share what I did last night…. I changed the colour of the window seat. Tied back the curtians. Glued down the carpet and half wall. Added the trim to the bottom of the […]

61 ÷ 41 =1.48780487804878

Remember all the dolls I got the other day? I hadn’t paid much attention to the Barbies in the lot. I ended up taking the crazy lady’s dress? The fashionista’s body and the far right head and creating his custom Barbie fashionista…. I have always wanted a Barbie with bangs! I like the way it […]

Undersized urbanite — Working on the living room

I know I’ve been acting as though the undersized urbanite doesn’t exisit! To be completely honest, I kind of burned out at the beginning of thr week. I felt like I couldn’t handle any grass or landscaping any more after working on it so many days in a row. This is the number one reason […]