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61 ÷ 41 =1.48780487804878

Remember all the dolls I got the other day? I hadn’t paid much attention to the Barbies in the lot. I ended up taking the crazy lady’s dress? The fashionista’s body and the far right head and creating his custom Barbie fashionista…. I have always wanted a Barbie with bangs! I like the way it […]

The Meaning of Undersized Urbanite

I’m not going to lie, until recently I didn’t really fully understand what “undersized urbanite” meant in relation to the dollhouse contest. Without thinking, I assumed that it meant a small urban space. And as a result, I have been struggling to come up with ideas based on this meaning. So one night, I decided […]

A long overdue update!

I can’t believe how fast the past few weeks have gone by! This makes me less anxious about the 9 days we have ahead of us until we are finally in our own home. Friday the 16th was the last day we had at the apartment, but with Gord working a lot of overtime and […]

And then my phone broke….

Well….R.I.P Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (my phone). Not typically a life threatening situation for me, although I do feel a little odd because we don’t have a house phone (but there are elderly people home all day above me whose phone I could use if, God forbid, there were an emergency.) It didn’t take long […]

Life Updates and Halloween Scene Sneak Peek.

How is it that when you feel like you are legitimately at your maximum level of busy….things get busier?? The past few months, my partner Gord and I have been discussing buying our first home. Really scary thought! We’ve been lightly researching properties over time, when recently something came up that we think is the […]