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Happy Thanksgiving!

HappyThanksgiving to any of my Canadian followers! Too much is going on this year! so much I didn’teven realize that Thanksgiving was coming until last monday So we didn’t have any special Turkey dinner. That’s ok with me, because it’s my first holiday as a vegetarian and I would be worried all the yummy food […]

Finishing Things: Week #3: DIY Calico Critter Accessories

I pinned this amazing site a while ago that is filled with cute Japanese miniature printables. This site is especially useful if you collect Calico Critters or Sylvanian families as most of the items available for print look similar to those that are included in sets. The site is in Japanese, so use Google translate […]

Whaaaa hoppened?!!

That would be the state of my craft room (for which I need to get a brighter light for) this morning. Remember in my last post when I cleaned my space and said it would only be a matter of time before its all crazy again? Well that time is now. Only days later, lol. […]

Undersized Urbanite Contest Submission

Hi and welcome to my final post for the Undersized Urbanite dollhouse contest, hosted by the wonderful Little Victorian blog! I built a quarter scale house from a kit made by ANI (bought on eBay). Here is how the house started; And here is how it turned out after many hours of blood, sweat and […]

Undersized Urbanite: Work in progress; Quarter scale kitchen

since I’m sooooooo behind on updating after my inability to upload my thousands of pictures, I have decided to group the stuff I wanted to share into “work in progress” posts. Which will just basically be photo-dumps of the work I’ve done lately. I can’t believe how fast time is going by! I’m getting worried […]

Long Vacation Kit – Day 2

On the second night of making the contents of the eBay kit, I started with the couch. I knew I wasn’t going to use the fabric that was intended to be used, So I went in my stash and hrabbed leftover fabric from my prom dress. Yes…my prom dress. I was tempted to upload a […]

Long Vacation: An eBay Dollhouse Kit — Day 1

No one who is reading this and interested in dollhouses/miniatures, can say that while searching (for things they don’t need) they have not seen these dollhouse kit listings on Ebay. They don’t look like anything special, but I decided I would like to order one anyways, just to see what it was all about. This […]