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A long overdue update!

I can’t believe how fast the past few weeks have gone by! This makes me less anxious about the 9 days we have ahead of us until we are finally in our own home. Friday the 16th was the last day we had at the apartment, but with Gord working a lot of overtime and […]

and then we moved….

As I briefly have mentioned before, we are moving. This process? Driving me insane. Tuesday night, when Gord called as he was leaving work, I explained to him that the house was just too overwhelming for me to even pack in. I couldn’t think straight to pick up a tape gun and make a box […]

What to pack..

In the mini world of course. I know what I want/need to pack to live for the three week stay at MILs, I am struggling to pack the crafts the most! Gord said I should bring my clay since it’s (pretty much the only thing that’s) organized into stackable boxes. He also says that this […]

Life Updates and Halloween Scene Sneak Peek.

How is it that when you feel like you are legitimately at your maximum level of busy….things get busier?? The past few months, my partner Gord and I have been discussing buying our first home. Really scary thought! We’ve been lightly researching properties over time, when recently something came up that we think is the […]