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and then we moved….

As I briefly have mentioned before, we are moving. This process? Driving me insane. Tuesday night, when Gord called as he was leaving work, I explained to him that the house was just too overwhelming for me to even pack in. I couldn’t think straight to pick up a tape gun and make a box […]

My weekend activities

I have been struggling to get the baulisters sanded and painted. I am using Houseworks Centurian Baulisters. I figured that the houseworks wood would be nice and smooth and easy to paint….not so much the case. Here they are after sanding and painting once; Sanded and painted again;   I didn’t seem to have the […]

Stop Starting with S’s!

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but my last 5 posts have begun with the letter “s”. If you don’t believe me look at the right sidebar at my recent posts. I assure you this was not on purpose, but I found it interesting enough to share. 🙂 I am struggling in the living room […]

Stairway to the bedroom, part 2!

Well, it’s amazing what just one night of working to actually finish something does for you. As I have explained, I have theis horrible thing when it comes to crafting/building or whatnot where I can’t actually ever finish anything. I can start it. I can get all the way to the end…but never finished. Even […]

Stairway to the bedroom

As soon as I typed stairway in the post title, I thought of Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin . Then I started to sing Hotel California by The Eagles, …..actually just repeating the verse “on that dark desert highway, coooool wind in my haiiir.” — you know the one. Lol. The above (and below) […]

Knitting update!

I finally got a chance to sit with the Orchid for a good stretch. I did a lot of work on the stairs, now they just need to be sanded, painted, and assembled. I also finally made up my mind about wallpaper for each of the rooms. I was thisclose to taping them down when […]

Pretty Paper

As promised (I think I promised at least), a picture of the paper I purchased this weekend. I ended up keeping all of them. Lol. I had selected 8 sheets to exchange for what I really needed. The baby was fussy and it didn’t seem worth the $2+ tax I would have received. They are […]

Stairs, Knitting Kit, and Sweet Potatoes

The past few days (or week I guess) around here have not been productive! Makaio (7 months old) is teething or having a growth/developmental spurt or something which has been causing him discomfort. As a result, we have been up cuddling a few late nights (last night 1 am!). I do sometimes stay up to […]

Introduction: Orchid Build Days 1-3

It feels weird starting a new blog, so naked. Mind you, my other one only has 5 posts anyways since I recently deleted all of them and started over. LOL. I decided that I wanted to have this one to only focus on my miniature adventures and dollhouses, etc. I will keep the other one […]