Please Send Patience: Quarter Inch Scale Cottage Update

Well,…last night as I was fighting to get myself away from my mini’s and into bed (around 230 am), I realized something…
I’ve only been at this for under 2 months. In fact. My anniversary of opening the Orchid kit will be the 18th of June. 2 months….that is all. When I calculated this, I couldn’t help but do a huge palm-into-face action.
I expect to have all these beautiful creations, and the fact that I don’t can sometimes make me anxious. Which then makes me stay up later as I struggle to get things closer to finished. I think this problem comes from the fact that I see so many inspiring eye candy all over and I have no patience and want it now. Lol.  had to remind myself that all of my hero’s have been at this for many many years, while I have only been doing it for months.
I need more patience….
Anyways. Back to mini’s. I’m going to finish the Orchid plans tonight for the electrical, now that some wonderful people on Greenleaf have cleared up some issues I had in regards to tapewiring. I also plan on calling that painter in to paint the already installed trim and wainscoting cream. I think after this, all I have left to do is, actually lay in the tape wire, build and install the stairs, install baseboards. Touch up paint…then I think I can move on to the second story! Or should I do the exterior first?… Decisions, decisions…
The Quarter scale cottage is coming along soooooo cute. I cannot be more obsessed with any other scale.
Here are some pictures of the building process;

Mat board trim.

Trim painted.

I am obsessed with this little door. I LOVE the pop of colour it provides to the room.

Kitchen in the making!

The next step is to finish the furniture, install lighting, and then I can move on to the second story, which will probavly not have much as this only 12′ sq of space (on each level). IMAGINE trying to live in 24 square feet of living space! I’m still trying to locate someone half willing….

I havent done anything with the Orchid lately because it just overwhelms me. I want to do my wiring, but now I’m worried I dont have enough lights…but will this be my only house? Do I really need to stress about lights? I can always add battery operated lights down the road, avoiding wires all together..

Right now I’m waiting on the arrival of a fireplace kit that I will most likely use under the stairs. Now Im debating getting flickering flame lights for this…. sooo I’ll have to wait to see if it fits before I can go any further with that. I also wanted to make another run to MBS because I know they have all the houseworks and cir-kit products at 40% off, and I might find some lights or something to fix my issues.

For the time being, I’m going to focus on the quarter scale project. However, Lina has been begging me to go shop for bathroom furniture this week, she says she can’t “hold it” for much longer! (poor girl hasn’t had a toilet since leaving Russia!!!) So we might whip up some things for the house too, bathroom being high priority.

Whats holding me back there is that my Grandmother the quilter-fabric-craft-hoarder wants me to come down and go through her materials (about as much as Fabricland carries!) Once I have fabric, decorating and furniture should be much easier. Also, Gords mum has a room full of stuff I’d like to peek through. I’d hate to make something, only to find the “perfect” item/supply after!!

So, I feel like my head is spinning in circles!! I think I need to sit down with my notebook and organize my to -do’s, to-fix, and to-figure-out lists.


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