Monthly Archives: March 2013

Takin’ care of business

And workin’ overtime. I’m sure I’ll regret how late I stayed up last night when this afternoon hits, it was almost 3 when I finally hit the pillow but with only 36 days left, I can’t waste time! That date, by the way, is for May 4th and I’m pretty sure the contest doesn’t close […]

Diving in!

I just realized I never did my weekly update for undersized urbanite.ย  I will put that up tomorrow. I just wanted to share what I did last night…. I changed the colour of the window seat. Tied back the curtians. Glued down the carpet and half wall. Added the trim to the bottom of the […]

61 รท 41 =1.48780487804878

Remember all the dolls I got the other day? I hadn’t paid much attention to the Barbies in the lot. I ended up taking the crazy lady’s dress? The fashionista’s body and the far right head and creating his custom Barbie fashionista…. I have always wanted a Barbie with bangs! I like the way it […]

Undersized Urbanite — Filling the bokcase..and other fails

Friday night was sooo unproductive. I spent a few hours wasting my time attempting to make clay flowers…. I ended up not thinking and not baking it before I attempted to place it in the garden to see how it looked…. Which obviously resulted in me squishing it. I then moved on to attempt to […]

Undersized urbanite — Working on the living room

I know I’ve been acting as though the undersized urbanite doesn’t exisit! To be completely honest, I kind of burned out at the beginning of thr week. I felt like I couldn’t handle any grass or landscaping any more after working on it so many days in a row. This is the number one reason […]

I win!

I just walked in -2 degrees (Celsius) with the kids, uphill, to value village and got all the LIV dolls. I have made up with the thrift store. Pictures to come! ๐Ÿ™‚

Back to school!

I am not a fan of giving my posts tiles. I always struggle…usually adding it in at the end after writing my post. This is how I also write my essay’s while in school. I do all my research, form my arguments and then write a thesis. Since I’ve brought up the subject, now might […]

Undersized Urbanite Landscaping — Part 2

After my “flowers” from the previous night had dried, it suddenly occurred to me….how was I to stick these to the ground? Which didn’t have floral foam under the dirt as some people suggest (so, you know, you have something to anchor the wires in?). After a short time brainstorming, I decided to glue the […]

Undersized Urbanite Update: Week 14

Well I’m so glad I blogged as I went! Can you imagine I had allll that to tell now?! I probably would be avoiding this post! ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is a recap of my week in pictures; Related articles Undersized Urbanite Update: Week 12/13 ( Undersized Urbanite Landscaping – Part 1 ( Undersized Urbanite Update: Week […]

Undersized Urbanite Landscaping — Part 1

As I wrote the title, I thought, I no longer want to refer to this house as the undersized urbanite house. I want it to have its own name and be “_____ for the undersized urbanite”, you know what I mean? This house needs a name….we’ll figure that out soon. Today I’m here to share […]