My Miniature Swap Pictures

It’s been a long time since the 2013 Swap hosted by Le minis de Cockerina ended. I have been holding back on posting my pictures in hopes that my item would arrive so I could share it as well..but it looks like I have been failed by the postal system. 😦 According to the swap pictures, I should have received a basket of strawberries from Leila V. Miniatures. It looked mouthwatering and wonderful! Very sad that it seems like I will not receive it. But such is life.

I wanted to share with you my pictures of the items that I sent along to Michelle of Little Rabbit Miniatures.  I am not sure if she has received the items yet or not, she has not updated her blog in a while! I hope that they reached her o.k.! I sent them by airmail and it cost me a lot more than I was expecting. (Note to self in future: no swaps, lol). Anyways, here is what I sent;



Miniature dress, vase with plant, handbag and flip flops.


My swap items for le minis de cockerina holiday 2013 swap

I was not impressed with how the flip flops turned out, which is probably it took me so long to send it, I guess I hoped I would find the time to make something more, but I didn’t, and as I explained not too long ago (and in a note I included to Michelle), Makaio managed to get his hands on them and broke them. Which is probably a good thing, since they were ugly anyways! To make up for the lost item (even though we only had to include one), I sent along some more plants in different coloured vases, (which I never took pictures of! because I was so late in sending it out!). Here is a closer look at everything, starting with the flowers in vase, (which are made from real flowers I picked and dried out, which you can read about here);


Miniature dollhouse plant.

I hand sewed this mini purse from a shirt that was given to Nia as a hand-me-down, but never fit her, and I liked the pattern. You can find lots of mini fabrics in your closet this way! 🙂 I accidentally made it too big the first time, so I have a Barbie sized bag that is identical to this one! (I guess that will be my item I retain as memory of this swap!);


Miniature handbag

I placed a small piece of cardboard in the bottom to help it stand up;


Miniature handbag

The dress was also made from old clothes. This was from a shirt I used to wear when I was pregnant with Nia. It holds great memories and I could never get rid of it! It served a good purpose finally! (besides covering my baby belly while pregnant!);



Miniature dress

And of course, the ugly flip flops….I had the right idea, just not the right amount of time or effort 😉


miniature flip flops….fail!


That’s all! I secretly hope that my swap item will still arrive, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. I’m probably going to steer away from this type of thing in the future, because of the fact that it took so much effort and I’m not sure if my partner recieved the item or not, and I definitely haven’t, so kind of a waste of time and money? Not to sound like a debbie downer, but honestly, how would you feel!?? 😦

I’ll be back soon with some more updates, hope you are all enjoying your afternoon! 🙂


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