Stairway to the bedroom, part 2!

Well, it’s amazing what just one night of working to actually finish something does for you.

As I have explained, I have theis horrible thing when it comes to crafting/building or whatnot where I can’t actually ever finish anything. I can start it. I can get all the way to the end…but never finished. Even the diaper cover that I knit and talked about one day…is finished..being knit, but the wool has not been treated to make it a proper soaker…so its not actually finished.

Yesterday, to my surprise, my Mum brought some mail with her for a visit and my TV was there! So that night, when the children finally slept (not unitl after midnight when both were finally out!!) I sat with my stairs and really tried my hardest to not just sit and stare, but to actually get things done.

I took a lot of pictures to share the progression;

I decided to wallpaper the front of the unit so that the room wasn’t too overtaken by white-ness.

TV! Figuring out placement.

Stir stick trim to cover off foam core.

Shelves being placed.

With some random magazines. Note first/bottm step is in the works of being fixed.

I needed more colour in the room of brown and white, so I brought in some of the colourful bedroom accessories…I think I’m developing my theme here!

Really need a new image for the TV. This is the view from where the couch will be.

This was taken with the flash on. Makes a big difference! and also highlights many imperfections. LOL

Whole room overview. Suggestions for the super white door? I am not sure it’s working with my decor…

Tiny remote.

View from front door.

I’m getting there! I am not sure what I am supposed to do about the railings and such…that part is seeming really intimidating!! O_O

I’ll let you know how that goes soon.


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