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Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a warm and fuzzy day full of family and fun! I know ours was, although at times it was hard to tell over the screaming children (which is expected to happen on such a busy and over stimulating day!!!). I had a lot of fun this year since […]

Miniature Christmas Pillows

Me again, back pretending I have important things to say. 😉 This morning while I was reading my morning mini blogs, i was pleased to read that Casey at Casey’s Mini’s was generous enough to give us, the readers, some free miniature Christmas cross stitch patterns. You can find them here. I was feeling overly […]

A Mini Christmas

What? Another project? Don’t judge. My justification…I can’t work on the undersized contest for a bit — more on that tomorrow — and the Orchid is still at my MILs…..so what’s a woman to do about keeping busy? Well make a mini Christmas scene of course. 🙂 Not that I don’t have a tonne of […]