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Happy Thanksgiving!

HappyThanksgiving to any of my Canadian followers! Too much is going on this year! so much I didn’teven realize that Thanksgiving was coming until last monday So we didn’t have any special Turkey dinner. That’s ok with me, because it’s my first holiday as a vegetarian and I would be worried all the yummy food […]

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a warm and fuzzy day full of family and fun! I know ours was, although at times it was hard to tell over the screaming children (which is expected to happen on such a busy and over stimulating day!!!). I had a lot of fun this year since […]

A Mini Christmas

What? Another project? Don’t judge. My justification…I can’t work on the undersized contest for a bit — more on that tomorrow — and the Orchid is still at my MILs… what’s a woman to do about keeping busy? Well make a mini Christmas scene of course. 🙂 Not that I don’t have a tonne of […]

1:12 scale Halloween scene: Part 3 — Complete (with glue!!)

I can’t believe I finished something. I am so committed to this scene, I glued it all. *gasp* . That’s right! Glued! I can even hold it upside down if I would like. 😀 I honestly feel the most satisfying feeling ever! If this is how one always feels when completing a project?… Then I […]

Life Updates and Halloween Scene Sneak Peek.

How is it that when you feel like you are legitimately at your maximum level of busy….things get busier?? The past few months, my partner Gord and I have been discussing buying our first home. Really scary thought! We’ve been lightly researching properties over time, when recently something came up that we think is the […]

1:12 scale Halloween Scene: Part 2 — It’s Coming Together!

It’s October the 11th! Halloween is closer than we think! I’ve been trying to keep my family and house together, while also staying sane…much of that sanity has been brought to me by making mini’s, the rest…via Tetley tea. As I mentioned before my current objective is to finish my Halloween scene. I’m surprised with […]

1:12 scale Halloween Scene: Part 1 — Gathering Inspiration

As I mentioned before, I have been working on trying to complete a Halloween scene. Key word: complete. I took on this project not only to be festive, but also to challenge myself to complete something before a deadline. In this case Halloween. I would ideally like to complete it before Halloween so I can […]