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Two Vacuums…

There are two vacuums sitting outside my bedroom door. I am in bed having my face scratched off by 7 (almost 8!!) month old Makaio as I try (again) to get him to go down for a nap. The toddler is watching Arthur in her underwear eating Kraft Dinner. This is real life people. The […]

Stitching nap time away..

The stairs are getting there! I can’t help myself from peeking in through the front door when I walk by to take a look at my hard work, which I will share with you soon! In between entertaining the littles, I have been working some more on cross stitching. I went back to the rug […]


Or perhaps thread block? I literally ran out of the thread I was using for the border. I thought I took a picture, but I apparently didn’t before I started adding a dark sage like green colour as a second border (which I have actually started to rip out because I don’t actually like it, […]

Rug Update

Just wanted to show some progress. I have finished most of the centre. I am working with limited stashes of thread, and don’t want to buy more, so I am waiting to stitch the boarder before I decide. Still unsure of what to fill it in with…naturally.

Cross stitch win!

No fails today! Lol. Well, this didn’t happen today, it happened a few days ago, but this post isn’t about a fail, so that is exciting! (I am running behind on my posts and not working in “real time” ever since I had the technology fart with my camera a week back). When I started […]

Embroidery Fail….

Not that I like sharing all these fails with you, but I think it is important for everyone who ventures into any (new) hobby to learn that not everyone is perfect, or maybe I am talking only to myself here? LOL. But honestly,y especially in the miniatures world, you look around and see so much […]