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Finishing Things: Week #3: DIY Calico Critter Accessories

I pinned this amazing site a while ago that is filled with cute Japanese miniature printables. This site is especially useful if you collect Calico Critters or Sylvanian families as most of the items available for print look similar to those that are included in sets. The site is in Japanese, so use Google translate […]

Laundry Cart turns into Kitchen — this will make sense!

I had this amazing laundry cart from the Great Canadian Superstore, (Presidents Choice, or PC Brand). I normally love their stuff, but after buying, putting together and having it break within seconds, twice, I had to let it go. This was sad for me because it had three compartments to sort your loads and wheels, […]

Meet the Ellwoods!

Just stopping in to intorduce you to my main Calico Critters family, (at least currently, I have another million one I would love to adopt in the future!). They are the Ellewoods family; The one thing I really like about Calico Critters (or Sylvanian Families in the U.K), families is that they all come with […]