Meet the Ellwoods!

Just stopping in to intorduce you to my main Calico Critters family, (at least currently, I have another million one I would love to adopt in the future!). They are the Ellewoods family;

The one thing I really like about Calico Critters (or Sylvanian Families in the U.K), families is that they all come with names and different jobs or personalities or what not, that are explained in a little description on the back. This makes all of the families and characters unique and gives them a lot more personality (for play or display!). Here are some pictures and the descriptions from the bottom of the box;



Mother Ella, is a famous children’s book author. She has written several books inspired by her children. Father Edwin, is a doctor specializing in children’s medicine. He likes to spend a lot of time with his family.


Brother Elliot, enjoys playing football and soccer and is a great athlete. Sister Eliza loves to compete in beauty pageants and wants to be a super famous model.


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