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Knitting update!

I finally got a chance to sit with the Orchid for a good stretch. I did a lot of work on the stairs, now they just need to be sanded, painted, and assembled. I also finally made up my mind about wallpaper for each of the rooms. I was thisclose to taping them down when […]

Stairs, Knitting Kit, and Sweet Potatoes

The past few days (or week I guess) around here have not been productive! Makaio (7 months old) is teething or having a growth/developmental spurt or something which has been causing him discomfort. As a result, we have been up cuddling a few late nights (last night 1 am!). I do sometimes stay up to […]

Knitting Fail….

Remember the knitting kit I had? I didn’t forget about it. In fact, I have been attempting to follow the mock cable knit pattern for quite some time. I made 7 attempts at the pattern ,( attempts meaning getting past the first 5 rows of ribbing…) but every time I either dropped a stitch, or […]