Introduction: Orchid Build Days 1-3

It feels weird starting a new blog, so naked. Mind you, my other one only has 5 posts anyways since I recently deleted all of them and started over. LOL. I decided that I wanted to have this one to only focus on my miniature adventures and dollhouses, etc. I will keep the other one for more personal stuff, if at all? I’m more of a tweeter/instagrammer when it comes to my personal life anyways LOL.
To bring anyone who is new here up to speed. I am obsessed with all things small. 🙂 My family might think this is just another phase, but I know this one is for real. I have attempted many diffrent kinds of arts and crafts over my 25 year life, while I have been successful (and good!) at most, none have really stuck. The one “hobby”  that has been with me for over 11 years is playing The Sims (for any system) LOL. I was more obsessed with building and decorating houses than I was with actually playing with the people/lives or whatever. I kind of see dollhouses and miniatures as just taking The Sims out of the virtual world and into my own hands. HOW COOL IS THAT??
There is just something about miniatures that brings me a pure joy….almost as much as my love for my children. Knitting or sewing never made me feel this way thats for sure. lol. But I’m thankful I have dabbled in so much, I’m sure all of it will come in handy down this new hobby path.


Anyways, I finally started the dollhouse kit build. I ordered the Corona Concepts Orchid Dollhouse kit.
I waited a lot longer than I would’ve liked too, but I kept waiting for Gord because he said we could do it together. Not sure why I believed him, and after nights of bailing because he was “too tired” I finally cracked the instructions out and told him I was moving forward with construction if he wanted to help, or not.
If I were smart I would have read the instructions the day I received the kit. I would have then realized that it is recommended I prepare a lot the pieces (paint etc) before I put it together. This meant painting and sanding trim and window frames, etc etc. That took me a whole night in itself!
The next day, I got out the side pieces and attached ny prepared windows.
There is a lot I would do differently if I were to make this kit, or a similar on, again. ( or maybe you can take it as a tip for the future build, if its your first as well)
The first thing would be to read ahead in the instructions. For example, at the beginning, step one, you start by preparing the 8 regular windows. Then the next step you prepare the formers, etc etc. After the first step was finished, and I read ahead and saw this I was a little bummed because it was something that wasn’t too complicated to be done all together and it would save a lot of time!
Another thing I would do differently is when you start to assemble the body, the instructions have you attach all windows so it looks like this, image
and then the following step, you do the castings. Leaving you with something that looks like this, image
If I had known this, I would have dry fit it all together to make sure it was aligned properly and I would have outlined with a pencil so I knew where exactly to put it. One of them seemed a little off, plus it would have been easier to paint the remaining trim so you don’t end up with a window like this, image
I obviously painted the wood, but would have preferred to paint it before.
After attaching the windows, I glued the sides together and added the roof. I prepared more pieces during the day when I had a moment between caring for two babes. I even had Nia help out a bit with the gluing. I’d let her stick it then adjust it when she wasn’t looking, lol. I don’t want to not include her in the process but don’t want it looking like a toddler made it! :)
Last night I glued the porch, former roofs and gable roof on.
I still have to add trim, and shingles that came with the kit,finishing painting the porch and touching up windows and I also want to do some popsicle stick siding. And then outside should be as “finished” as a brand new house would be. :)
I’m really wanting to do something along the lines of coastal beach house for the whole decor theme. I picture soft/light blues and teals and yellows with sea shells and ropes and anchors and oars….You feeling me? Gord isn’t. LOL. But it’s *my* dollhouse and if he wants to decorate it otherwise he can go and get his own!!
Now that it is assembled and the kit box is off the kitchen table, I plan on spending the next couple of days studying as much as I can. My final exam is on Thursday. O_o
I had already put man hours into making exam notes…which much to my disappointment were not saved as I thought they were. Now I have to start over again. I want to have a solid set of notes that I can spend reviewing as I am glued to the far west corner of my couch nursing the babe as I usually am.
That’s all for now,

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