Monthly Archives: November 2012

Undersized Update

Only 4 days left until we move! Friday at some point, our keys will be waiting for us at the front desk of the realtors office. Saturday is the earliest we can rent the elevator to move everything in…so…technically 5 days, but saying 4 just makes me feel better inside. I’m starting to go through […]

Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Challenge

WOOT! A Challenge!! I have been saying to Gord for months now that I really wanted to do a Swap or a Challenge or something, anything that would help me to connect with other miniaturists. Not that I really have any time at this point in life, with moving in 8 days…At least there are […]

A long overdue update!

I can’t believe how fast the past few weeks have gone by! This makes me less anxious about the 9 days we have ahead of us until we are finally in our own home. Friday the 16th was the last day we had at the apartment, but with Gord working a lot of overtime and […]

Liebster Award!

Happy Monday! I was happy to wake up yesterday morning to see that I had been nominated by the wonderful Conny at It’s a Mini Life for the Liebster award! I feel honoured that Conny had me in mind when thinking of nominations. Now I must also pass along the award to 5 other blogs […]

and then we moved….

As I briefly have mentioned before, we are moving. This process? Driving me insane. Tuesday night, when Gord called as he was leaving work, I explained to him that the house was just too overwhelming for me to even pack in. I couldn’t think straight to pick up a tape gun and make a box […]

1:12 scale “Planning travels” scene

Here is my secret project!! This is a 1:12 scale scene all handmade by me, which I have called “Planning Travels”. It was made for my Grandparents who read this blog, and as much as I wanted to document the process, or more like, beg for feedback and help, I couldn’t because I obviously wanted […]