Monthly Archives: May 2013

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Today is my day of birth! First, a big  thank you to my Mom, who laboured and brought me to the earth side. (Since I have done this twice myself now, I am more aware that this is something which deserves recognition). And also thanks to everyone who made it so wonderful! I was lucky […]

The universe is trying to tell me something….

On Thursday, I posted “When you get that feeling“, which was supposed to share with you a story about how after my Polly Pocket haul the other day. It was all about how I still had a feeling that there was more stuff to be found. (This was mainly because I had found dog clothes […]

Cleaning up the craft room: a finale?

I actually laughed out loud when I wrote “finale”. As most crafters probably know from experience, your craft room will never be clean. It’s kind of like laundry in a way….. If it is clean, it probably stays that way for only a few hours or days before the next creative endeavour. And it’s hard […]

My miniature mind is racing!!!

I neeeeeeed to think of something to do to release my creativity. Miniature or not. Preferably miniature, lol. I stopped by he Greenleaf fourm today, as I said I would, and I’m not going to lie, I was pretty intrigued by the Sping fling 2013 kit. I had already thought at one point about a […]

1:12 scale stuff….and now what?

With the Undersized Urbanite contest finished, I’ve been eager to get back to working on all kinds of mini things. After a quick clean in the craft room the other night I haven’t done anything else, which I had hoped to do before returning to making any minis,   Lol.  Instead,  I turned my attention to […]

Undersized Urbanite 2013 contest winners announced!

The winners have been announced. You can see the post at The Little Victorian blog. I am not surprised at the outcome and knew these three ladies would place from the day I entered the contest.  Not only because they all produce amazing miniatures, but also because they are established within the miniatures community and […]

Cleaning up the craft room

^^^^^^ the above mentioned is no fun. Last night while I was waiting on my umpteenth load of laundry, I wanted to do a little mini-ing. However, upon entering my craft room a bomb site (that had somehow happened when I didn’t notice), I realized that I would not be making any mini’s, lol. This […]

Voting has resumed!

I’m in the middle of a mad search for my dryer sheets, which I have conveniently misplaced in the middle of a bazillion loads of laundry….. But I just wanted to stop in and let you know that voting has resumed for thr Undersized Urbanite contest. The voting page is here at the Little Victorian […]

Undersized Urbanite: Voting Postponed

Well, now today I’m sad. 😦 Yesterday I was frustrated because I thought I had misinterpreted the contest rules and was missing daily votes. It turns out I was interpreting the contest rules right, and it was supposed to only be one vote per day per household. However, somehow there is/was a glitch in the […]

A daily vote?

Well….I’m a little frustrated at the moment…. I went over to The Little Victorian site last night, purely by accident too because I just wanted the link for my last post. When I arrived on site, I was shocked to see that my votes under the houses no longer said “Already voted this” as it […]