Monthly Archives: May 2012

Preparing for Lina’s Arrival

Arrival looks like a particularly odd word at the moment. I had to double check that it had two “r”‘s before I continued on. Now I am just having one of those “who in heaven’s name decided that for the English language” moment. Anyways, not much to update on the nursery roombox as of now. […]

Even when you fall on your face, you are still moving forward…

The above title inspired by/ a part of/ is an old Indian proverb (not sure if that is India or Native Indian, sorry.) which I found in high school. I loved it so much, I painted it onto my easel. It seemed appropriate, especially when it comes to Art. For myself, there are always many […]

1:24 Scale Nursery Roombox Update

I am having SO much fun with this mini mini project! Gord thinks I’m crazy, but he’s a guy, so a handmade gift for some reason is never the first thing that comes to his mind! I reached out on the Greenleaf forum to get some suggestions for the project on such late notice and […]

1:24 Scale Crib

I know I should be working in 1:12 scale…..but, my friends baby shower is on Sunday so I decided to make her a nursery roombox. I’ve been thinking about doing this since the day she told me about the shower, why I am only starting now, I have no idea. Last night, even though I […]

Too Fun to Not Share!

Today at The Dollhouse Company I had wayyyyyyy to much fun not to instantly share with anyone who cares to hear! I had this trip planned since I ordered my dollhouse kit back in March (??). Since my birthday was only a few months away and my Godmother and mother are also intrigued by everything […]

Lina is here!

<a href=”;preview=true”>She</a&gt; is sitting next to me. Still in her box. I want to open her SO bad but a) I can’t find my camera and I feel this is a photo worthy moment, and b) I’m still trying to convince the 4 month old that sleeping is awesome so that I can have my […]

Orchid Build Day 1??

The only thing I know right now is that this house is going to be around a loooong time. I’d like to it finished a year to the day that I started the kit, but I’m not getting my hopes up. I suppose it will get easier especially once Makaio stats going to sleep around […]

Natasha Yaskova: Lina goes to Canada

The artist who made my doll posted on her blog about Lina coming to live with me! You can see her pictures here <a href=””>Natasha Yaskova: Lina goes to Canada</a>.I had a new red wig (less frizzy) made and the artist also gave me an additional black one. 🙂 She looks perfect, I couldn’t be […]

She’s Mine!

She’s Mine!!!! 🙂 Best 25th birthday present ever. I kind of feel sick at how much she cost, but hopefully she can become a family heirloom, and really not that much considering that she is a OOAK and I know no one will have her.

Orchid Update

You know whats funny? How many blog posts I dictate in my head throughout the day and NEVER actually get to posting. I really miss having a keyboard on my phone (android/touch screen+ NO GOOD FOR MY LENGTHILY BLOG POSTS!) So, as an alternative method to buying a new phone, and keeping with my resolution […]