Monthly Archives: July 2012

Mission: Bathroom

I was lacking motivation for a few days. The whole process  of making minis seemed overwhelming. After pondering how I could make it work better, I rearranged the furniture in our house. And now I have everything dollhouse/craft related tucked away in the corner, where our kitchen table used to be, and I moved the […]

Weeks Worth of Mini Updates!!

It has now gotten to that point where those posts I said I have waiting in draft…..are obsolete. LOL. I hate when that happens. I thought I liked blogger more, but it prevents me from updating on the go because it doesn’t insert photos into posts well with the Android app…It’s annoying… (CAN YOU HEAR […]

I’m still here!

<p>As you just read, I’m still here. </p><p>I have two posts sitting in draft.. Waiting for me to attach the pictures that go with them…of course, I still need to take these pictures! LOL</p><p>I will get to them…tonight perhaps. </p><p>While I am stopping in I’d like to take a moment to thank my 2 followers […]

Just a lost soul

You’d probably laugh if you were to have seen me today/tonight and my thought/work process. I was all over the place. If I hadn’t actually accomplished something I would call it a waste of time. But I actually got a lot done! I somehow dove into hanging lights today? I think I started because I […]

Orchid Archway and Some Other Mini News

No finished stone yet… The whole teething baby thing. I’m going to have to invest in an amber teething necklace if I ever want to mini for the next year or so. I have finished a lot considering the circumstances. I decided against any fancy stonework pretty much anywhere, lol. There will be a bit […]