Monthly Archives: June 2013

Amazing dollhouses!

I meant to share this post from Modern Mini Houses a few weeks back. There was a Designer Dollhouse Showcase at the Kaleidocsope Ball, which was to raiae money for UCLA Mattel Children’s Discovery and Innovation Institute. According to Modern Mini Houses, this event was a huge success and helped to raise almost $1.8 million for […]

Finishing Things: Week #1: Barbie Makeover

I decided to take it slow this week….lol. That’s the easy way of saying I failed at my own challenge. 😉 I planned on posting this on Sunday, but we have been in the middle of a nasty humidity heat spell (28- 33ºC and higher at times, with 80-90% humidity!!) so my energy level is […]

1:12 scale goodies: Miniature Meile Oven and other things!

One of the (very silly) reasons I feel like I hold myself back from finishing anything is because I want to wait to share with you, my audience, or anyone really, the things I acquire before I use it for any planned project. Really, it is a very silly resson, but I guess I want […]


I just realized…..I never finish anything. ever. period. I don’t even know what the word means, or how to pronoucne it, yet, I say it alot, LOL. However, I don’t always, or ever for.that matter, do it. ….. boo to that.  -_- Honestly though, let’s think back. Nothing I have started has ever been finished. […]

Creatology Dollhouse Update!

I have been slowly working on the new dollhouse build. I had a few dry days, you know how it can be when you first start building a dollhouse kit, that whole circular thinking of what to do first…..wallpaper? floors? inside? outside? upside down?…. I decided on the floors. I like to have them in […]

Bad translation?

I noticed that my scene for the minimodernas 2nd annual contest was featured on their blog. The original Spanish (?) read; Time for wine es el título de la escena que nos envía Rebecca. A nosotros nos provoca un estado de ánimo concreto, ¿inquietante?Podéis seguir el paso a paso de la escena en su blog Mama´s […]

Crochet School?

As you may remember, I was going to attend summer school this summer, then decided against it. I don’t regret my decision for one minute and have been having an amazing journey learning (which I LOVE to do) without the pressure of needing to learn it. Also, I am able to learn about whatever I […]

New Dollhouse Build from Creatology Puzzle House

Yes! That’s right! a new dollhouse build! I’ve mentioned it a few times, and in my last post, you may have caught a glimpse of it in the background. Today I am finally here to reveal my master plan…. I started with two Creatology Victorian houses. These kits are roughly 1:24 scale. Awkward too, so […]

Whaaaa hoppened?!!

That would be the state of my craft room (for which I need to get a brighter light for) this morning. Remember in my last post when I cleaned my space and said it would only be a matter of time before its all crazy again? Well that time is now. Only days later, lol. […]

Time for Wine: 1:12 Scale Miniature Scene

Mini Modernas just closed their second annual miniatures scene contest. After seeing Lyssa’s submission the other day, I decided why not? And started getting to work with things I had on hand. It is in 1:12 scale, which I haven’t really been “playing” with much lately. I’ve still been collecting a lot in this scale, […]