Crochet School?

As you may remember, I was going to attend summer school this summer, then decided against it. I don’t regret my decision for one minute and have been having an amazing journey learning (which I LOVE to do) without the pressure of needing to learn it. Also, I am able to learn about whatever I want, my research has been taking me on some interesting journeys! Lately I’ve been into learning a lot of physics stuff, mostly on the quantum level, relating to the many worlds theory, and also a lot space stuff like, nebulae, galaxies, stars, exoplanets, etc. But that’s not why I am here today, lol.

Another thing I wanted to take time to teach myself this year, was sewing. When I bought my amazing vintage sewing machine back in January, I decided now would be a good year to make it my goal, since now I owned my own machine and all. Around this time Katherine had also mentioned she wanted to learn to sew this year, so I agreed to take the challenge with her….

Fast forward 5 and a half months….

Katherine posted a picture of an amazing blanket that she is in the process of making.
As I went to comment and say I wanted to learn how to crochet now, I realized I still had not even taken the top off my sewing machine since I bought it (life is busy!), and the year is almost half over!

I pointed this out to Katherine in my comment and she admitted that she also has only gone so far as cleaning her machine lol, so why not learn to crochet?! According to her I should be able to pick it up in as little as a week with the help of Crochet School.
Great! So I had a project for the week, something to keep me occupied on these never ending rainy days, that likely will be something easy to do while sitting with the kids as they play, etc.

This morning, I set off to find my hooks, however, of course, I can only find the micro ones….

and I think I’d rather start with something a bit bigger in my but of course, I cannot locate my 5mm hook anywhere. -_-

I’ve organized every. thing. in the house the past few weeks and I have checked anywhere it could have ended up. It is gone. Unless somehow stuffed away in a box in the storage locker? which I doubt. I dont think I shunned any craft supplies down there, even during the most unorganized of times after moving, lol.

So, no crochet school for me. If it weren’t raining, I would consider going to the dollar store to look for one, but it isnt that high of a priotoriy. I am a little disappointed though because I was looking forward to a project I could do during the day! I can’t do any work on the new dollhouse build, or any for that matter, while the kids are awake. They get into everything! or ask for all my toys lol

Maybe next week? I’ll keep you posted! 🙂


One comment

  1. Rebecca I hope you do find your hook (or manage to buy a new one) and that you enjoy learning to crochet. It is fun to do and as you say you can do it anywhere. I’ve done lots in RL-size, and want to master the mini size one day. My to-do list is humungous! I’ll look forward to seeing how you go with your efforts.

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