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My Undersized Urbanite 2014 entry

Finally had an opportunity to bring our the creatology house in its current state to take my “before” pictures for the Undersized Urbanite contest. Here it is!! The exterior; And interior; As you can (maybe) see, it still needs a lot of work. I made these little diagrams to show you (vaguely) my plans for […]

Real dollhouse miniature flowers; 1″, 1/2″ and 1/4″ scale

I finally let my creativity flow. I’m not sure if this happens to all creative people, but sometimes I will have so many ideas flowing through my head that I can never actually get to producing anything,  I’m too busy thinking lol. I had a time sensitive idea recently that involved real flowers, not something […]

Finishing Things: Week #2: Creatology dollhouse stairs

First off, I must say I am getting reaalllllllly tired of referring to this house as the “Creatology” dollhouse. It isn’t even called a Creatology house anymore (the Micheals brand is now called ), and that name has no originality or personality, much unlike myself, lol Anyways, this week I managed to finish the stairs […]

Creatology Dollhouse Update!

I have been slowly working on the new dollhouse build. I had a few dry days, you know how it can be when you first start building a dollhouse kit, that whole circular thinking of what to do first…..wallpaper? floors? inside? outside? upside down?…. I decided on the floors. I like to have them in […]

The universe is trying to tell me something….

On Thursday, I posted “When you get that feeling“, which was supposed to share with you a story about how after my Polly Pocket haul the other day. It was all about how I still had a feeling that there was more stuff to be found. (This was mainly because I had found dog clothes […]

My Nursery Roombox vs IRL Nursery

I don’t think I ever showed a picture of the roombox as “finished” as it is (hardly at all).. Sorry for the fuzz. Toddler finger prints get every. where. Anyways. Yesterday was the shower and I snapped these photos of her nursery…. I was getting close! I think I can still use… The dresser… But […]

Preparing for Lina’s Arrival

Arrival looks like a particularly odd word at the moment. I had to double check that it had two “r”‘s before I continued on. Now I am just having one of those “who in heaven’s name decided that for the English language” moment. Anyways, not much to update on the nursery roombox as of now. […]

Even when you fall on your face, you are still moving forward…

The above title inspired by/ a part of/ is an old Indian proverb (not sure if that is India or Native Indian, sorry.) which I found in high school. I loved it so much, I painted it onto my easel. It seemed appropriate, especially when it comes to Art. For myself, there are always many […]