Bad translation?

I noticed that my scene for the minimodernas 2nd annual contest was featured on their blog.

The original Spanish (?) read;

Time for wine es el título de la escena que nos envía Rebecca. A nosotros nos provoca un estado de ánimo concreto, ¿inquietante?Podéis seguir el paso a paso de la escena en su blog Mama´s Mini´s

I was a bit thrown off by the translation! It read;

Time for wine is the title of the scene that sends Rebecca. To us it causes mood particular, is disturbing? You can follow the step by step of the scene on her blog Mama’s Mini’s.

Disturbing? is not what I was going for. But ok. lol. Not sure how to interpret my bad translation, I did not intended to disturb anyone! Lina just wanted to share her super big bottle of wine and super tiny cork screw and cork. I guess one could interpret her as a sad and lonely person, which she kind of is, lol…..but disturbing? 😦

Meh. lol On that note….

Here are some of the pictures of the scene I posted to instagram;









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