I just realized…..I never finish anything. ever. period. I don’t even know what the word means, or how to pronoucne it, yet, I say it alot, LOL. However, I don’t always, or ever for.that matter, do it.

….. boo to that.  -_-

Honestly though, let’s think back. Nothing I have started has ever been finished. Except the Halloween Scene, and the Planning Travels scene. Everything else, was started and then put to the side and neglected. Take for example, the Greenleaf Orchid dollhouse kit, it was the whole reason I started this blog. It isn’t even in my house at the moment! and it is no where near complete!

“Don’t forget!! You have the Undersized Urbanite contest house Rebecca” –I can hear you all saying it!

….but it isn’t finished either! The bathroom still needs to be made and the exterior needs trim.

There was also the cozy cottage, the long vacation eBay kit, my roombox…..these are the tangible started projects. I have three projects in kit form still; Two kits by ANI, and the duracraft Lafayette. I also have at least 5 or more furniture kits as well…Then there is the knitting, the cross stiching,….I’m sure there are other things too, miniature or not, that I have started and not finisged.

Of course, I haven’t even listed the million projects I have planned in my head, or pinned on pinterest. Miniature and non-miniature related…

I have 40 books to my “to-read” shelf on my Goodreads profile, 3 on my “currently reading”, 6 draft post on my blog, and a “project to-do” list around the house that has 23 items on it….

Not to mention, the other day I threw around the idea of crochet school (I laugh at this idea now!!), and also building the Creatology dollhouse

!!!!!!! O_O

Time to slow down and solve the chaos. I spend more time dreaming of projects than doing them. I know I have said this before, but I’m saying it again, and sticking to it this time!

This time, I am going to do a weekly challeng for one year from today’s date. The goal? Finish a project. Something….Anything. lol. as long as it is finished, and was something I have already started. No new projects or kits unless it is something that needs to be finished in order for me to finish a bigger project (like one of the three full dollhouses I mentioned). Also, I want to give myself a little leeway and say that the project doesn’t have to be miniature related and it doesn’t have to be the making of something, it could be something simple like a miniature scene I wanted to set up, or a doll whose hair I planned on styling differently.
The time frame will be from Sunday to Sunday. One week. One project. Starting now.

Seems simple?! Who’s got my back?!

What unfinished projects do you have around? Does anyone else want to challenge themselves to finish one (small thing of course) a week?! 🙂

I’m off to find something for the first week! Be back soon!

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