Whaaaa hoppened?!!




My desk, and current project, are somewhere under all of this….!!


You can tell I have children since I use old diaper/wipes boxes to store everything in LOL.

That would be the state of my craft room (for which I need to get a brighter light for) this morning. Remember in my last post when I cleaned my space and said it would only be a matter of time before its all crazy again? Well that time is now. Only days later, lol.

I was having issues fitting in front of my desk, lol. I couldn’t take it anymore, since I am in the middle of trying to build something, I decided to tidy up a bit, and change the layout. I started with the latter and ended up with the above state. I then spent a good part of the afternoon cleaning (which was easier than usual because of my previous attempt at organization), and my craft room now looks like this;



Panoramic view of top of the room. Note the dolls finally on display, Lina in her room box (with a falling down frame, lol). My current project is on the desk. 😉



Middle of room. Also, a more full view of my current project. 🙂


Bottom view. With Emily, our cat, who is patiently waiting for me to fill her bowl and pet her. 🙂

Woot! MUCH better!!

Gord has hung a few shelves for me, which took a bit of stuff off of the tops of storage units. I also moved my sewing machine and sewing trunk into the living room. It’s on a table that wasn’t previously there and blends in nicely. That also cleared up a lot of space in the room.

It feels soooooo much better and I can already tell I will have a lot more room to put things like,…..my legs, lol.

I pointed out my current build in the pictures above…I’ll be back tomorrow to talk all about that! 🙂


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