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When you finally admit you are a toy collector

The time has come. There is no more hiding from the truth, (which I’m sure many of you already know)…. I love toys! I love collecting toys and playing with toys (and yes I am a full grown adult). Lately it’s been escalating….sometimes Gord rolls his eyes when I bring a new one home, however […]

Amazing dollhouses!

I meant to share this post from Modern Mini Houses a few weeks back. There was a Designer Dollhouse Showcase¬†at the Kaleidocsope Ball, which was to raiae money for UCLA Mattel Children’s Discovery and Innovation Institute. According to Modern Mini Houses, this event was a huge success and helped to raise almost $1.8 million for […]

Time for Wine: 1:12 Scale Miniature Scene

Mini Modernas just closed their second annual miniatures scene contest. After seeing Lyssa’s submission the other day, I decided why not? And started getting to work with things I had on hand. It is in 1:12 scale, which I haven’t really been “playing” with much lately. I’ve still been collecting a lot in this scale, […]

The universe is trying to tell me something….

On Thursday, I posted “When you get that feeling“, which was supposed to share with you a story about how after my Polly Pocket haul the other day. It was all about how I still had a feeling that there was more stuff to be found. (This was mainly because I had found dog clothes […]

and then we moved….

As I briefly have mentioned before, we are moving. This process? Driving me insane. Tuesday night, when Gord called as he was leaving work, I explained to him that the house was just too overwhelming for me to even pack in. I couldn’t think straight to pick up a tape gun and make a box […]

Meet Pearl!

Another littlest pet shop (LPS) blythe has arrived on my mini shelf! I don’t want to say I’m addicted. I actually got both of these dolls because they were discounted at a local store that is closing out. Petite blythe that aren’t LPS can range from $50 – $100. Both of mine were under $10. […]

New Friends??!

A new friend has arrived in Lina’s neighborhood… She does not have a name but she is a Petite Blythe doll, one of the Littlest Pet Shop editions. I’m not sure I need to explain, but I will soon when I have more time! I’m working on something fun while I wait for the weekend […]

Lina is here!

<a href=”http://minisbybecca.wordpress.com/?p=44&amp;preview=true”>She</a&gt; is sitting next to me. Still in her box. I want to open her SO bad but a) I can’t find my camera and I feel this is a photo worthy moment, and b) I’m still trying to convince the 4 month old that sleeping is awesome so that I can have my […]