Creatology Dollhouse Update!

I have been slowly working on the new dollhouse build. I had a few dry days, you know how it can be when you first start building a dollhouse kit, that whole circular thinking of what to do first…..wallpaper? floors? inside? outside? upside down?….

I decided on the floors. I like to have them in before wallpaper. I had already prepared the skinny sticks to lay down a few weeks back, so I just had to cut and glue. I glued them to dark brown cardstock templates to help hide any imperfections;


Front entry of new dollhouse build. Work in progress

For some reason it always feels natural for me to start in the front entry. I think because it had the stairs, and I want to make sure that no other adjustments will need to be made to other walls to allow them to fit. They will still need their coat of varnish to shine them up!

I also did the living room floors
This room will have a nice bay window;


Living room of new dollhouse build. Work in progress.

I decided that the window on the right side wall will be taken away and made into a fireplace.


I only cut it because this is where the kit had one placed, but I think the bay window will be enough. I didn’t get to put a fireplace in the Orchid or the undersized urbanite entry, so I hope I can fit one in here and get my fireplace fix! 🙂
After the floors, I started on the stairs, which will go in the front entry, here they are with the inside riser only;



They won’t be blue, that is just the colour of matte board I have on hand. They will be covered in wallpaper/painted white? Still haven’t quite decided on that one yet.

I left an opening for the doorway. There was no other option but to build around it, and I think it will eventually turn out looking nice. Here it is with both risers;


Here it is against the living room door entry;


I will close off the back of the stairs next. I still need to even out the angles for the doorway;


Stairs open to accommodate for door.

It’s a super tight fit. There isn’t much room.


I tried many different stair layouts, this was the best one, so I’m willing to take the small space at the foot of the stairs, (one more stair needs to be added as well, not sure if I pointed that out yet!).

My overall vision for this room is something like this;


Except with a grey wallpaper. I will prove to you that isn’t as awkward as it sounds like it will be!

I also found my inspiration for the exterior. While googling “Victorian brick houses” (I LOVE google images for finding inspiration! — more on that another time), I came across some that had been painted beautiful bright colours.

Inspired by this, I searched for “painted brick houses” and came across this post at the Beneath my Heart blog. It is dedicated to painted brick houses. I totally fell in love! Here is one of my favourites;

Gorgeous right?! That set me on a quest for “painted brick houses”,( I dropped the “Victorian” from my search terms because even though the kit was originally for a Victorian home, it isnt really turning out to be much of one!).

I found a whole bunch of inspiring images;


Before and after comparison of a painted brick house, from

I kept all this in mind and went about my days, keeping it in the back of my head, waiting for inspiration to come for the right colour. Then while out for a walk with the kiddos the other day, I decided to take some pictures of my favourite house, which is just down the street from us. the pictures arent the best. [It’s very difficult to take pictures of something, while trying not to look like a creeper/stalker, while also pushing a stroller with one hand (and a baby on my back, lol)]. ;



When I got home and was looking closer at the house, I realized, for the first time I think, that it isn’t all siding. I zoomed into the picture for a closer look and guess what it is?!


painted brick! !!!!!!!

I have found my inspiration house! I think! lol I originally was going to go for a darker tan/beige?….but this buttercreme with green shutters might look a lot nicer! After all it is my favourite house! (which by the way, if it belongs to you and you have somehow stumbled across this page, THANK you for having such a beautiful house and allowing me to share it! :)).

As you can see, I’m making a lot of progress, now Im off to do some more! Enjoy the rest of your weekend

**endnote: The bright pink Victorian home I showed above is acually from a real estate listig here. It’s outdated on the inside, and bright on the outside, but it has 4 bedroom and a price tag a couple tens of thousands less than my condo….I want to move to Orgeon! lol)**


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