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Stairs Sneak Peek!

As I believe I might have mentioned in previous posts, I am an avid user of the Instagram for Android app. I love being able to update pictures for my family and friends (from in real life and not!). The filters that they haveĀ  also make the pictures more forgiving of the fact that most […]

Knitting update!

I finally got a chance to sit with the Orchid for a good stretch. I did a lot of work on the stairs, now they just need to be sanded, painted, and assembled. I also finally made up my mind about wallpaper for each of the rooms. I was thisclose to taping them down when […]

Introduction: Orchid Build Days 1-3

It feels weird starting a new blog, so naked. Mind you, my other one only has 5 posts anyways since I recently deleted all of them and started over. LOL. I decided that I wanted to have this one to only focus on my miniature adventures and dollhouses, etc. I will keep the other one […]