New Dollhouse Build from Creatology Puzzle House

Yes! That’s right! a new dollhouse build! I’ve mentioned it a few times, and in my last post, you may have caught a glimpse of it in the background. Today I am finally here to reveal my master plan….

I started with two Creatology Victorian houses.


These kits are roughly 1:24 scale. Awkward too, so they need considerable bashing to not look like a puzzle house. Overall, good bones. I originally only had one, but decided it was too small with only 6 rooms, so went to get another to bash them together. This was the best picture I could get of my “dry fit” –green painters tape is NOT the best to hold your pieces together..



I at least was able to get a rough idea. lol. The next few nights were spent gluing it together, which resulted in this monstrosity…..


After I had the skelton up, I brainstormed the exterior design. Although a lot of Victorian homes usually have siding, I already have two houses with siding, and my roombox also has exterior siding…so I’d like to do something different. The Orchid is already finished with egg carton stone. It’s not around to steal any glory, but it feels odd to me to have houses that would be so similar in finish. Gord keeps suggesting stucco….but this doesn’t seem like a stucco house.

After a few nights of thinking, I settled with egg carton brick, and after only a half an hour into that I realized I’m crazy because that could take me close to a month, probably longer, to finish!!

I’ve been working on this project for 3 weeks now, and I started the egg carton brick 1 week in… and although I dont get a lot of time to work on my miniatures (Nia’s bedtime has shifted to 10 now that the sun stays out so late…it’s hard to convince a toddler its bedtime when it’s light out), in about an hours worth of time I have produced this many bricks….


… yes, this is going to take foreverrrrrr and we all know how paitent I am! LOL. I’ve already taken a few breaks from the (one hour of) effort I’ve put into it. Not only because it is tedious and boring, but because I’ve realized there are some other things I should do before laying the brick…like the windows and doors!

I will be making all the windows and doors from scratch if I can, my main goal with this house is to try to clear some things out of the stash. As I was cleaning, I realized I have more than I think hiding away to be used!

Here is my first attempt at a hinged half inch scale door…

I screwed a hole into the frame, which was made from scrap wood from the kit punch out (I’m not sure what else to call it and you will probably understand if you’ve ever built a wooden dollhouse from a kit where you punch out pieces, lol)


and I put a pin in..


straight forward and simple..except it doesn’t open too nicely lol,

I don’t know where I went wrong here? because all doors are snug when shut…but dont catch like this one does…maybe the pin should have been more at the front or back of the frame? like how hinges are? … now that makes more sense…lol. I will have to make another attempt at this frame business.

I also spent a lot of time staring at the odd shape which the house had become. I didn’t plan for it to look that way. I honestly put the two bases together in a mirrored way and followed that around with the walls (follow me? lol). .I think the thought of adding more wood, etc, onto the base had slipped my mind…lol? so I ended up with a crappy design out of laziness. After I thought about it though, I ended up reconstructing it to look like this;


funny thing it still fits on the base. I guess I didn’t do enough dry fitting before I went crazy and glued! oh well…. all that matters is that it is better now!


I will extend the porch and it will likely wrap around. I did have a side door with my original layout, but I excluded it this time around because I need more space for the kitchen cupboards. 🙂

I was really excited to get started on this build. What inspired it was my recent acquisition of Polly Pocket size furniture, which I think will fit nice. However, I have found myself slowly withdrawing the past few days as I slowly realize how much work I have ahead of me building it from scratch! All those windows, bricks, floors….. lol. I’m not sure what I’ve gotten into, but we will see where it takes me.

I’m off to bed for now, my plan for my miniatures tomorrow involves attempting to cut some bricks at the kitchen table/counter while the kids do things like, eat or potty, or anything that might not need Mama for a few seconds. I figure the more I cut the better! I still have a while yet before I start “laying” them, as I need to get windows and frames in first! When I will get to that? Tomorrow night if my energy hangs around long enough after bed time!



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  1. if you round off the edge of the door that’s hinged with sandpaper it should open smoother.

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