My weekend activities

I have been struggling to get the baulisters sanded and painted. I am using Houseworks Centurian Baulisters. I figured that the houseworks wood would be nice and smooth and easy to paint….not so much the case. Here they are after sanding and painting once;

Still so rough around the edges.

Sanded and painted again;

Looking better….


I didn’t seem to have the dedication in me to sand and paint, and then dig paint out from grooves with my nails, just to make sure they looked nice…It was really mentally exhausting to be honest!

So to keep myself entertained and moving along, I finished filling in some of the stonework where gaps had been due to my previous poor lighting conditions in my craft world. I also went over it with some more paint to fix up some problem areas that looked horriblly painted (again probably due to the fact that I used to work mostly in the dark while doing the stones because I had a newborn baby sleeping next to me!

Can we all just take a moment to look at the lighting…LOL.


Also take a moment to note the colouring of the stones, because that has changed drastically. I orginally used borwns and pinks and etc, thinking I wanted a more sandstone type appearence. But I really wasn’t a fan of that, and over time I have toned it down quite a bit.

Also see here. From early August.


So much has changed looking back at these pictures! Here it is after I “went at it” on Friday night;

Used only tan colour and warm white paint to give this colour update to the stones.

A little bench will eventually reside in this little nook in the front.

Close up.


I like the way it looks much better now. It took a while to get to this point, but I am glad I stuck with my gut. 😀 I will seal it and then touch up the paint once I finish the last wall. The wall of the living room. I am waiting to finish the stairs so I can glue them in and then continue the stone work in a seamless way to cover up the back of the stairs/entertainment unit, somewhat seen here on the right;


That’s all! minus a bit of work on a Halloween scene I have up my sleeve. 🙂 But I will share that in my next post! Now it’s time to watch some movies with the kiddos on our lazy Sunday afternoon, (while also trying to catch up on overdue e-mails!!)!

Talk soon,

Rebecca xox



  1. Hello Rebecca,
    I do like the tan & white exterior much better. I could see the foyer from the front door – like that very much!
    Many hugs and kisses, conny

  2. Gorgeous floors and I LOVE that built in under the stairs. Great details!

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