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Productive nap time!

Yesterday, I felt very defeated when I posted my update on the things I wanted to have finished by the start of Undersized Urbanite contest. I felt like I accomplished so little of what I set out to do. The cozy cottage was especially bothering me. The project has been going on for well over […]

Undersized Urbanite: An overview

First of all, thank you to everyone who has commented. I appreciate your feedback and it makes all the hard work (and blood, sweat and tears!) pay off. πŸ™‚ Today, I came back to share more about each of the rooms, as well as the exterior, and explain how I managed to create everything you […]

Undersized Urbanite: Work in progress: Quarter scale bedroom

AWWWW… I missed my one year Blog Birthday! :*( On April 18th, I will have been blogging and, building the Orchid dollhouse (HA!), for one year! That might not seem like long to some of you, but OHHH EM GEEE, I can’t believe I’ve actually stuck to something this long! Besides school, my whole life […]

Undersized Urbanite Update: Week 14

Well I’m so glad I blogged as I went! Can you imagine I had allll that to tell now?! I probably would be avoiding this post! πŸ™‚ Here is a recap of my week in pictures; Related articles Undersized Urbanite Update: Week 12/13 (mamasminis.wordpress.com) Undersized Urbanite Landscaping – Part 1 (mamasminis.wordpress.com) Undersized Urbanite Update: Week […]

Undersized Urbanite Landscaping — Part 1

As I wrote the title, I thought, I no longer want to refer to this house as the undersized urbanite house. I want it to have its own name and be “_____ for the undersized urbanite”, you know what I mean? This house needs a name….we’ll figure that out soon. Today I’m here to share […]

Beginnings of a Quarter Scale Built-in Bookcase

As I mentioned last night, I wanted to start blogging more as I go…so here I am after accomplishing something! πŸ™‚ After posting, I went ahead and worked more on the bookcase. First, I sanded, then painted, then sanded… I found great printable book backgrounds, if you want to call them that, which were great […]

Undersized Urbanite Update: Week 12/13

I’m just going to pretend like I’m not two weeks behind and go ahead and give you my update. Last week, week 12, I promised myself that I would list stuff on eBay, and I did. And I even sold some stuff. πŸ™‚ Near the end of the week however, I did get the itch […]

Undersized Urbanite update: Week 6

I’m baaaaack! Not like I’ve been gone for very long this time! πŸ™‚ Here is what I have finished since the last time I updated you. Floors have been finished. I found sandpaper (yay!) So I didn’t have to wait to continue with that. Sanding the matchsticks made a world of a difference. I think […]

Please Send Patience: Quarter Inch Scale Cottage Update

Well,…last night as I was fighting to get myself away from my mini’s and into bed (around 230 am), I realized something…I’ve only been at this for under 2 months. In fact. My anniversary of opening the Orchid kit will be the 18th of June. 2 months….that is all. When I calculated this, I couldn’t […]

Smaller and Smaller…

Well…. As I last mentioned. The Orchid build was is will probably never stop making me feel defeated. I received my electrical kit (yay!) and that put me off even more. Trying to figure out where to put lights in the kitchen has been especially annoying because (I am pretty sure) I don’t want to […]