Smaller and Smaller…

Well…. As I last mentioned. The Orchid build was is will probably never stop making me feel defeated. I received my electrical kit (yay!) and that put me off even more. Trying to figure out where to put lights in the kitchen has been especially annoying because (I am pretty sure) I don’t want to redo the wall paper and you are supposed to do the electrical before you decorate.So during the week I took time to build some furniture pieces to help me get an idea, of the space I had and blah blah blah. Friday night, after building the world’s most horrible table and chair set (from the limited materials I have..) I felt so unsure of where I was in this build I decided to dry fit the second level and roof and put all the furniture I had around inside. I don’t think there is one piece of furniture you will spot that is completely finished and/or what will be in the final product. Here’s a look;
image After looking at this I realized I have since added more and also changed the layout of the rooms. I.e., in the kitchen, those unfinished counters will end up in the empty space in thr kitchen and that far left bottom room will remain a dining area. Hopefully with a better set of table and chairs. The upstairs floors also are not what will be in the final house. I still have to redo with the darker wood. I just thew this in to take away that yucky plywood look. 
Lina went for a look at the house and since she is so decor savvy she immediately shouted “CREAM!” in regards to the wainscoting. So she called for a painter who is going to drop in sometime by the end of the week.
I was actually surprised at the amount of room that I was really left with. I continued to work on furniture to help me as I tried to plan out how I was going to layout my electrical because having an idea of furniture size and etc., helps. I also have to figure out where to get the three lights I am planning for that I don’t have…. O_o

In other mini related news; I had mentioned to my Mum that there was an interesting tutorial on building a quarter scale scene in a teacup. I knew she had been on a hunt for a fairy door for her garden, and she also loves (and has hundreds of) old tea cups. I figured we could combine something and make her dreams come true.

We ended up finding an inspiring project here at the Pirates and Pixes blog (which btw have awesome fairy garden posts you must check out!!). You convert a wooden bird house into a fairy house for the garden. So cute. We went on our search and came back with some cute ones. I had chosen a log cabin that was 7″ tall, but had dreams of taking the dremel to the back and making it into an actual 1/2″ scale house with furniture. However….the door and porch could not be made to any scale that I was familiar with and I didn’t really feel like messing with some sort of 1:22.5 scale or anything. Also had a large split down the bottom. So I ended up not using it. However, my mum wanted to craft and work on her house, and since my big one takes up the whole table (LOL) I decided to start a quarter scale project I had been feigning to do for a while. Great excuse to get the quarter itch out of my system.
imageI got the plans from a quarter scale miniatures group on Yahoo! called All things Mini with C&C. They are a great resource for quarter scale information and projects, however their message board appears to be inactive for a while (but there is still a moderator somewhere who will approve you if you want to join!)
I used scrap foamcore left from the Orchid expansion to cut the pieces. It was so small I didn’t even have to touch the big new pieces I have stashed :) . Then used scrap pieces of skinny sticks for the floors…among this I decided im glad that I hoard save all my scraps and I also decided to challenge myself and not buy anything for this house. I want to make it completely from scraps! Or at least stuff I have sitting around :)

Its not much here, but I have big plans ahead for this tiny house and I am so glad I started it because I am loving working in this scale! I will keep you posted, obviously, on the progression. (not that I even think anyone reads this blog..).

Hopefully in the meantime, I don’t get sidetracked by any smaller scale projects (like 1/144th) because I really need to get my 1″ scale project finished!



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