Undersized Urbanite: Work in progress: Quarter scale bedroom

AWWWW… I missed my one year Blog Birthday! :*(

On April 18th, I will have been blogging and, building the Orchid dollhouse (HA!), for one year! That might not seem like long to some of you, but OHHH EM GEEE, I can’t believe I’ve actually stuck to something this long! Besides school, my whole life I’ve had a tendency to quit, give up, or get uninterested with pretty much everything within a 3 seconds a few months, so this? Amazing.

Building dollhouses is a great hobby for me because it actually works with my short attention span and quitter attitude. I am able to dabble in different projects every night; building with wood, clay, needlework, sewing, knitting, etc. etc. It has helped me build so much patience. Especially working in this contest right now. I have learned not to get to down when things aren’t going as planned. I take a few moments, or sometimes even days, to recollect my thoughts and go back to unfinished projects I once had no hope for. In the past, with other hobbies, I would have just left it…foreverrrr.

Well anyways, Happy One Year Blog Birthday to Mama’s Mini’s!

I hope you enjoyed my work in progress in the kitchen! Today I will share my work in progress in the bedroom. Staring with the main piece of furniture, the bed.

2013-04-14 22.00.23


The bed was really simple to make. The bedposts are “fancy” toothpicks, joined together by a skinny stick. The matress is foamcore, wrapped in fabric given to me by my Grandmother, which is a thick type of canvas cut into a circle. I believe they are samples of some sort. I used a peice of wood for the bottom of the bed frame


2013-04-14 22.07.58


All put together!!


2013-04-14 22.46.35


Added some little pillows. I just folded some fabric together. I like how they ended up looking like pillowcases too 🙂


2013-04-14 22.47.05


Blanket cut from lace fabric I had in stash. I used the edge seam to create the top to look as if it was folded down..

2013-04-14 22.47.51


I think that it would be more appropriate to put the blanket like this? How are beds “supposed” to be made? (You can tell I clearly make mine all the time, LOL.)


2013-04-14 22.48.41


I’m debating about what side of the room to put the bed on, and also, if I should use a side table or not. Usually there is a side table next to the bed. In this case, I can only fit one. I can’t push the bed to the wall because of the curtians, (unless I change the curtians?). When the bed is like this, the sidetable is hardly visible. Can you see it over there in the corner?? lol


2013-04-14 22.49.20


When I put the sidetable like this, the other side of the bed has less than a foot between it and the wall…which seems awkward…wasted space. Confusing too, no? Thinking you are close to a wall and rolling over…only to fall off your bed? I can’t have my mini person doing that of course…..so what should I do?!


2013-04-14 22.51.37


I glued the door on. I couldn’t get it snug. I guess because the instructions said to use a spray paint primer first, I never thought to glue it, then spray it, to make sure that it fit. In my situation, the door and frame have too much paint (I tried shaving some down with the exacto knife). This makes the little crack you see here, which I am sure I can fill with paint.


2013-04-14 22.51.30


The other side, it kind of looks like the door is opening? Or not shut.. So. I don’t know. Nothing I can do really. I don’t want to leave the door open, not even a little bit, because when you look at the house straight on, it somewhat blocks the visibility of the couch. It’s just distracting. So I will have to make do with a coat of paint and the door looking like its ajar just a weeeeee bit.(Also note the triple AAA battery that happens to be in this picture, gives you an idea of the size!)


2013-04-14 22.51.57


I put together another kit. This one is a secretary desk. I had issues with this one, I broke a leg, then couldn’t find the spare…


This is the SUPER TINY leg, which I did locate. and then managed to DROP while gluing on...

This is the SUPER TINY leg, which I did locate. and then managed to DROP while gluing on…


This is the SUPER TINY leg, which I did locate. and then managed to DROP while gluing on…


THIS is the darkness which I dropped it into by my feet.... Thankfully it was on that blue lid there *phew*!


THIS is the darkness which I dropped it into by my feet…. Thankfully it was on that blue lid there *phew*! (see it?? lol)

Back with more soon!! 🙂



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