Undersized Urbanite Update: Week 12/13

I’m just going to pretend like I’m not two weeks behind and go ahead and give you my update.

Last week, week 12, I promised myself that I would list stuff on eBay, and I did. And I even sold some stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ Near the end of the week however, I did get the itch to keep working on my pathway/ driveway. So using some egg carton, and dry brushing paint.


That took me 3 nights to complete. Ripping the egg carton that small is actually more difficult than you’d think! My fingernails hurt after a while. Lol. I also added stairs, and started to cover them in “stone”. They still, (as well as all other stone around the house!), need a coat of paint, but I’ve ran out, so I can’t finish until I get up to Micheals.


This week, week 13, I have only worked on the house for one night, last night. The rest of the week, I fell asleep with the kiddos (after long exhausting walks during the day!). I started working in the living room, building the built in book case I have planned;


Needs a paint and sand, books and etc. looking forward to how it turns out! I’m a little disappointed though that the space by the window didn’t really end up being big enough for a bench, which is what I would’ve liked. It’s 1/2″ which is only 2′ in real life, I measured my tiny bum, and I wouldn’t have much space there, let alone someone who wasn’t stuck in a 12 year olds body. Lol.

I also started gathering accessories for the living room;


Might give you an idea of the direction I’m headed in! It definitely plays off of the other colours in the other rooms in the house, which was planned, so it has some visual interest from afar.

I’m keeping it short and sweet just like that, and I’m off to do some work while I’m awake and the kids sleep! Before I go, I wanted to say, I think I’m going to start blogging more “as I go” with the UUDC, and still have a weekly post as well, just a photo recap. I thinks his might help me actually get posts up within my desired schedule? We will see!

And if that us what I’m doing, then I guess expect a new post very soon!

Welcome to all my new followers as well! Thanks for joining me on. Y crazy adventures! I promise you won’t ever get bored! (that is, if I get my posts up without two week delays, lol).

Talk soon!

Rebecca ๐Ÿ™‚


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