Undersized Urbanite update: Week 6

I’m baaaaack! Not like I’ve been gone for very long this time! 🙂 Here is what I have finished since the last time I updated you.

Floors have been finished. I found sandpaper (yay!) So I didn’t have to wait to continue with that. Sanding the matchsticks made a world of a difference. I think it was easier to create a level floor this way rather than try to wean out all the bad sticks. Most of them change in width when you cut them anyways, splitting at the back, so an all over sand was necessary. Here they are before,


And after,



Once the floors were sanded, I “stained” them with an acrylic water wash.


I puts cost of satin varnish over them, it seems to have lighted the colouring, but I think it is a blessing in disguise, even if I didn’t plan it that way! Darker flooring might have made it difficult to pick up the individual floor boards. Am I right? Or making excuses? Lol either or….

I glued the floors in, (why no picture!? so not like me!!!) and starting working cutting super small squares of egg carton for my kitchen “tile” floor. The reason why I didn’t do hardwood throughout? Not sure. Seems like kitchens and bathrooms should always have tile…except Pinterest says otherwise, and it appears wood flooring is in style for the kitchen…and of course, the fact that I now have to make floors that probably won’t match, bugs me. So yea. Lol.

I’m not even going to bother showing my “tile”, as it is truly not, worth the effort of taking a picture of…very disappointing that I spent three nights working on them….but now I know…oh now I know…lol

So, I plan on making the kitchen floor this week, as well as put in the wallpaper. I might start on the exterior after that, or do the finicky small things like baseboards and crown mouldings..not sure what I’m going to feel up to! Overall, I am happy with my progress at this point in the contest. I think I am at an advantage, rather than disadvantage, because of my scale. While it is much smaller to see, it’s a lot faster to get things finished for! So far…not sure about those quarter scale kits on their way to my house, those will probably take me a lot more time! I’m sensing a need for a magnifying glass of some sort for those….

Anyhow, more calico critter news to come this week, as well as a few thrift store finds 🙂 and maybe other things about my big house decorating if I feel like you might be getting bored!

Hope you are having a great start to the week!


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  1. I think the floor turned out great! ..little steps ;P

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