Productive nap time!

Yesterday, I felt very defeated when I posted my update on the things I wanted to have finished by the start of Undersized Urbanite contest. I felt like I accomplished so little of what I set out to do. The cozy cottage was especially bothering me. The project has been going on for well over a year now, and I really could have finished it in just an hour or two if I tried.

So, when Makaio went down for a nap, I brought out the supplies and a snack, and Nia and I set out to finish my goal.

We started by making trees with old grape stems we’d been saving for a while. I can’t remember where I read the suggestion to use these, but it stuck with me, and is especially effective in quarter scale. Here is the beginning of the big tree;



And the skeleton for the small one, as you can see, the grape stem makes a very realistic tree bark/trunk;


In the first pictures you can see we were using white glue, instead of suggested adhesive spray, as usually suggested. After the first layer dried I moved onto the spray adhesive as the white glue was too heavy and was taking foliage off, rather than keeping it on, (reason #1 to follow instructions, lol).

While the trees dried we put down some stepping stones for a front path and put down the “grass”.


I also managed to get so far as gluing the plastic roof sheets on. I still need to paint those, add trim, and finish the windows thenit will be “complete” on the exterior.


I still hadn’t brushed off the excess foliage from the ground at this point, so the grass looks extra “fluffy”;


I’m really happy with the way the trees turned out;


I’m not convinced changing the paint colour was the right idea, but as I already said, its too late now! I think another coat of paint would make it too “paint chunky” –if you know what I mean (and sanding at this point risks damaging landscape so, white house it is);


Still need to add window frames;

And the roof needs some trim and paint;


And then there is the interior;


It’s in rough shape! I tried to uninstall the lights for my undersized urbanite house. I apparently secured them in too good though and now need to feed them back into ceiling. I will likely wait to so anything more, I want to focus my energy into the Undersized Urbanite contest! 🙂


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