Monthly Archives: June 2012

Laying the Orchid stones

Well, it turns out, like most dollhouse related things, that egg carton stones don’t happen in one night. Or at least not for me. I am pretty sure that my 4.5 month old is starting that whole I-am-teething-but-never-going-to-get-a-tooth thing that most babies do. Because he has been beyond fussy the past few nights. So when […]

Orchid dollhouse build (bash?): front entry

This build is officially considered a bash! There are hardly any features left that makes it resemble the house pictured on the kit!! I have been having troubles over the last few days uploading pictures to my computer, so I haven’t posted anything. I feel like mini blogs just aren’t as fun when there isn’t […]

It all started with a coach lamp…

After laying in my electrical through the living area, I decided the next logical steps would be to wallpaper, install the stairs, and the second story floors. Good thing I checked out how to wire a dollhouse coach light before I did this, because I realized it would be necessary to get this wiring done […]

…what challenge?

I actually can’t complete my own challenge because all my UFO’s….are finished. Ok…except a few clay things that need to be finished. I had to get back to the Orchid. Looking at it sitting there so….unfinished, is not working for me. I actually have to leave my house in order to be able to focus […]

Challenge Day 3

I hate to say it, but I’m not doing the best job accomplishing my goal(s)! I gave up on light fixtures. The lights weren’t ready anyhow so I figured I would wait a bit longer. I’m glad I did because tonight I was able to accomplish this task. I went to Micheals and I found […]

Setting Goals

I have sat around most of today. Cleaned, organized.  I tried at one point to get the toddler to agree to a walk, which was a failure due to the fact she didn’t want to wear pants….not to mention the greasy hair from the baby oil treatment last night, (hey, we all have our days..). […]

Please Send Patience: Quarter Inch Scale Cottage Update

Well,…last night as I was fighting to get myself away from my mini’s and into bed (around 230 am), I realized something…I’ve only been at this for under 2 months. In fact. My anniversary of opening the Orchid kit will be the 18th of June. 2 months….that is all. When I calculated this, I couldn’t […]

Moving in!

….To a new blog!! LOL. Anyone who has been by the past few days might have noticed that I had a lot of posts all in one day and that a lot of posts aren’t formatted properly….This is because I am in the process of switching over my blog from my other blog at […]

Smaller and Smaller…

Well…. As I last mentioned. The Orchid build was is will probably never stop making me feel defeated. I received my electrical kit (yay!) and that put me off even more. Trying to figure out where to put lights in the kitchen has been especially annoying because (I am pretty sure) I don’t want to […]

Decor Issues

Well. The orchid build was stalled for much of this week because I was waiting on my electrical kit to arrive. I figured that since my floors got ripped up, I might as well wait to put them back in until I could do the electrical part properly….whatever that might be. I have run into […]