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My miniature mind is racing!!!

I neeeeeeed to think of something to do to release my creativity. Miniature or not. Preferably miniature, lol. I stopped by he Greenleaf fourm today, as I said I would, and I’m not going to lie, I was pretty intrigued by the Sping fling 2013 kit. I had already thought at one point about a […]

Undersized Urbanite update: Week 3

Seems to be as of lately I’ve been having a hard time getting my posts up by Friday. So, I have changed my standards, lol. I will always aim for friday, making sure to hit publish no later than Sunday night, with the exception of thisnone posy. This will make me sleep easier at night […]

Undersized Update

Only 4 days left until we move! Friday at some point, our keys will be waiting for us at the front desk of the realtors office. Saturday is the earliest we can rent the elevator to move everything in…so…technically 5 days, but saying 4 just makes me feel better inside. I’m starting to go through […]