Beginnings of a Quarter Scale Built-in Bookcase

As I mentioned last night, I wanted to start blogging more as I go…so here I am after accomplishing something! 🙂

After posting, I went ahead and worked more on the bookcase. First, I sanded, then painted, then sanded…


I found great printable book backgrounds, if you want to call them that, which were great for this project.

I like how smooth they look, compared to what I imagine a million little folded paper books would look like made by me in this scale. Also, this is less time consuming, because making a million crappy books would take forever, and then just look crappy….I cut them to size and fit them in the shelf. I used tacky glue to secure them.


I left some spaces open to put some decorative items. The top on the right side (above window), also was going to have decorative things, but now I’m leaning more towards putting in to more rows of books to fill it out. And also another one on the left hand side.

I have a bajillion printed things, mostly for the living room. So I made some last night while I had a pile of glue and toothpick out.


Some tiny tiny quarter scale magazines! Which now that I see so up close, need a bit more trimming! (It’s not usually until I post my pictures that I notice things that need to be improved on, especially in this scale!). You might also notice an antique radio in the background..


Really hard to get good pictures of anything in this scale with my giant iPad! I really can’t wait until I get my phone back (status of that is unknown, but it’s been 4 weeks to the day and I haven’t had it. Not to mention the 3+ weeks before I had issues charging it…this is a time when I wish I had a little more bravery, lol, because I should be asking my phone company to reverse my monthly charges….since I haven’t had a phone… :/ ).

I spray painted my windows and doors with white Krylon plastic bonding spray paint….which sucked, and made one side bubble….but was apparently needed for me to be able to paint this plastic in any other paint (like the acrylic I normally use). I’m kind of disappointed, but hopefully it will work out to be one of those happy accidents, which it might, since the bubbly side is on the exterior and kind of provides a “weathered” look. 🙂

Here is a look at interior with the window and door roughly in place.


And the exterior…


Do you see the bubbles? I also notice that the window is very crooked. I’m not sure how to attempt to straighten it. Or maybe the siding, Which appears to be greatly uneven in that area, is making the window look off!? …. Well now I know and can change accordingly.


Tonight, I will hopefully finish this book case! Although I’m not counting on it, since I wasn’t in bed until 3:45 am! But I have lots of creative motivation, so I likely will. I also hope to give the window and doors some ore coats of paint, and trim on the interior. I also have to run some baseboard trim around the book case…sheesh, all I keep thinking is that, if its taking me one night to make one thing, and we only have like, less than 60ish nights until the challenge is over…then I better not slack! I pretty much need to be working every night and finishing more than one thing…because I have wayyyy more than 60 things planned! (Holy over use age of thing in that previous sentence!)

Anyways, I’m off to pretend I like to relax, and read my Saturday paper. I’ll be back soon! 🙂



  1. I love the way the books turned out. I think cutting the outline so it is clear the books are different sizes was a great idea, it really does look like a bookcase full of books!

  2. I know how long it takes to accomplish what seems to be a small result in quarter scale Rebecca, but the overall effect is great! Love what you are doing. Sandra

  3. I think its looking great 😉 I love your bookcase 😉

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