Finishing Things: Week #1: Barbie Makeover

I decided to take it slow this week….lol. That’s the easy way of saying I failed at my own challenge. 😉

I planned on posting this on Sunday, but we have been in the middle of a nasty humidity heat spell (28- 33ºC and higher at times, with 80-90% humidity!!) so my energy level is pretty depleted by the time the sun goes down and Nia falls asleep (last night this didn’t happen until 11:20pm!!).

I did complete something small this week, but I guess I thought that I’d be able to accomplish more, so I’m a little disappointed. However, to be fair, being my first week and all I’m glad I even accomplished anything!!

I spent most of the first few days trying to decide what to do, as I have a million prohects that could have been finished. Then I finally settled on something simple, fixing up a Barbie who has been in my stash for almost a year. After her, I thought I would bring out some others. However, we have been running into difficulties getting my new shelf for my dolls up in the craft room, so I thought that wouldn’t be a good project for the first week, as the dolls would end up back in boxes after not having anywhere to stay, and that would have defeated my whole purpose of fixing them.

SO…I then got back into bad old habits of jumping around between projects and not finishing anything. Mostly spending time working on my stairs for the creatology dollhouse thinking that might be a suitable project to finish for the week. However, my days have been long and hot. Therefore my nights have been short and tiring, not leaving much time or energy for completing anything.

Saturday was when I finally said, “ok, seriously Rebecca. FOCUS.” (How typical of me the night before something is due to be complete! I used to do the exact same with school projects >. <). I made excellent progress with my dollhouse, and was pretty sure I would have it complete before my Sunday night deadline. Unfortunately I was wrong and could not find even an ounce of motivation left in me last night to finish the few things I have left to call the Creatology house stairs “complete” (I’m pretty sure just the railing and another coat of paint).

I woke up this morning realizing I basically failed my own challenge, until I remembered Barbie! So, I technically didn’t fail, since my rules allowed for simple things, like giving a Barbie a makeover, (which is all I managed to accomplish this week, lol). At least now I have a better understanding of the weekly timeframe and what I can accomplish within that time.

So anyways, enough about how I almost failed. Here is picture of the Barbie who was my “project” of the week.

Her head is from one of those flat footed beach Barbies, (I have yet to figure out their proper name), on a Barbie fashionista body. I feylt the need to Frankenstein these dolks because this Barbie is unique. She has green eyes and a more “dirty” blonde colour to her hair. This is how she has been on my shelf for thr lasting few months, almost a year.

Here are some before pictures;





I wish I was talented enough to go all out and customise this Barbie, reroot her hair, give her a new face…however I am not at that point yet, so I just brought out my flat iron to fix her crazy hair, and gave her a new outfit.

Of course, in my true nature, I had an almost huge fail when I started to fix her hair. Normally, when I do this, I use my real life flat iron for my own hair at a 210ºC setting. This time…I may have forgot to turn it down. Have you ever wondered what will happen to Barbie type hair with a flat iron setting of 310ºC? This.




Not pretty. -_-

I turned the setting down, worked around the missing hair on the back, and here is Barbie after her torture makeover;



She is wearing one of my favourite Barbie outfits in my stash, all thrfited from other dolls. The more I looked at her and took pictures of her, the more I actually fell out of love with her. As I mentioned, it was her uniquely coloured hair and eyes that attracted me to this doll in the first place, but the more I look at her, her lips are really off? I don’t want to sound rude and say she is unattractive….? Judge for yourself;



Not sure what will become of her place In my collection now that we have spent this quality time together…but at least I was able to get something finished that I had planned to do for a long time (which Is the whole reason behind me challenging myself!).

I put her hair into a simple half ponytail, with twists at the side, This helped hide thr extremely short hair I burned off!


I thought about trimming it, however still unsure of the effort I want to put into this doll relationship, lol. Side view;



So there you have it. My first weeks challenge complete! I already have a few idqeas for this week;

a) Miniatures project: my Creatology staircase (most likely candidate as it has so little left to complete). If I want to get a little more adventurous I could aim to complete the whole front entry and stairs, but lets not get ahead of ourselves now!


b) Big house project; hanging up my pictures! We have lived here since December and I have yet to hang most of my pictures. I have some hanging around the house, our walls aren’t completely naked, but thede are just things I picked up at the thrift store and hung up on random hooks that the previous owners had left. I have a few prints I’ve been wanting to put in frames which I bought in December (!?!), so it would be nice to get that finished.

However, as I stand here and look around I think I should make laundry and dishes the number one objective! 😉



  1. Barbie sure looks a lot better – her hair has come out much better despite the flat-iron disaster 🙂 I like the twist and the half ponytail. I think the problem with her face is the colour of her lips – it’s that pale pink. A different colour would be much better, probably with the lighter rust-red shades to complement her ‘suntan’.But a soft natural shade like we wear nowadays instead of that pink. I love her clothes. All the best with next week’s challenge. Sandie

    1. Thank you for all your comments Sandie!

      I agree that I think its the pale pink on her lips that aren’t flattering! I’m a little scared to try to paint her yet! Maybe she will be weekly project #23 lol

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