Undersized Urbanite contest update!

**does happy dance**

Finally here to talk about one of my favourite things. Minis!!!

After last night’s post about NaNo,  I still felt lost about the whole book thing. So, I brought out the dollhouse. The reason why I haven’t been working on it, besides lacking time and energy, I was having a really hard time getting my head around making egg carton bricks. When I first started this house, that was the plan, but I just didn’t seem to have the stamina to cut them. I really hate measuring things, and can’t draw straight symmetrical lines. This posed a challenge for me. So I was stubborn and just did nothing,  letting my dollhouse defeat me.

Then when we started redoing our closet, (which also inspired me to.participate in NaNoWriMo. ..see what cleaning out a closet does!?),  Gord brought home some drywall compound (mud) and my creative wheels started turning.

When I watched Gord using the drywall compound, (and saw how easily it scratched from being bumped – thanks kids!) I realized drywall compound might be the  just what I need to make bricks!  🙂

I didn’t figure out the technique overnight, it actually took a week or two of layering and fiddling,  but then last night I finally got down to business and  started making serious progress!!

This is the earliest “before” picture I took;


And here it is before I finally retreated to bed at 3:30 a.m.;


I still have a lot more work to do! But so far I am liking the effect. The best part is that the drywall compound dries fast,  and its easy to cover up mistakes (sand and re-apply!) I find it easy to carve when its partially wet still. I think I’ll post a short video tomorrow so you can understand more how I do it. I find it hard to take pictures and explain them, so maybe I’ll try a video. Especially because I find this to be a great (and pretty fast! ) technique! 🙂

Anyhoo. All for now! I’m off to (hopefully) get some more work done!

I’ll be back to ramble soon! (And post that video I promised – I hope I don’t forget!! – on the note of procrastination, I finally added my link to the undersized urbanite dollhouse contest blog I still need to grab one of the new fancy buttons for my sidebar though! Thanks Christina! They look awesome!)


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  1. Yay! Looking really good so far. We’ve done a lot of drywalling in our house, and it sands VERY easily once it’s dry. It’s often easier to smooth it out once it’s dry than while it’s still wet. Looking forward to your progress!

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