Catching up!


It has been a while! I didn’t even bother looking at the date of my last post, as I am pretty sure it was a long month after the undersized urbanite contest. Instead, I’d rather just jump back into things!!

Things that have changed since my last post:


Our family is expanding by two feet!!

Our family is expanding by two feet!!


Two more feet have been added to the family!! Although they are still in-uetero, before we know it there will be more feet pitter pattering around here!! I am currently 18 weeks, and I would LOVE to say I am feeling GREAT! but it seems that I can’t find a balance, when I am not throwing up, (which I have been doing most mornings for the past 14 weeks), I am tired, lacking motivation, and just blahhh…Hopefully as my second trimester (!!!!) picks up, so will my energy, but I’m not holding my breath, (nor am I complaining! It will be over before I know it and I will be on to wanting another!!! 😉 )

Th above news, prompted us to kick up the gears for selling our condo. It was always in the 5 year plan, but now, we would like to move it within the next year. We would have liked to have already been packed and gone, but, as per usual, life got in the way. (The main downside being that Gord’s transmission had to be partially rebuilt). We have a lot to attend to as we kind of stopped renovations for a while after being so bogged down with so much clutter. After the floors were done, we switched the kids room with ours (seems to make more sense to let them have the bigger room, that way we can somewhat contain the toy mess to one area). Next on the list, we are updating our baseboard heating, finishing the floors (because about 1′ remains left to be done, because the flooring wouldn’t fit under the radiators, so we decided to replace them since they had to be removed anyways – oh the circles renovations can bring you in!!), and after we do all that, we have to complete the baseboards of the whole house, and of course, the trim we already purchased a few feet of when we bought our floors….seems to be discontinued….*sigh*

While Gord handles all of that, lol, I have been focusing on decluttering. I have been moving around the house from room to room, pretending I am moving tomorrow and tossing/selling/donating anything I wouldn’t bring with me. This way, when the time comes, it should be relatively easy to shove our remaining possessions into boxes to be able to show the house.  Some days, I think it might not be until next summer we realistically get out of here, as my best friend pointed out, packing and moving while pregnant is not the easiest….which is SO TRUE, but I think I would gather all the help possible and push forward if it were possible to move ASAP. I’m longing to rid myself of having to travel down 7 stories via elevator to launder my clothes, (and pay $1.75/load at that!), I also look forward to having a backyard, and not having to travel 3 minutes just to get to the car, or having to carry groceries and children on said 3 minute walk….and windows in my kitchen would be a nice change. And what do condo fees really cover anyways?…feels like nothing… *end rant*

All in due time! I trust the universe and it’s decisions, and I know that when the time is right, everything will fall into place!

In other news, I have started a new quarter scale project, and also finished a play scale project, both of which I hope to share soon! I’ll save my breath for those posts, as well as the many others I have planned for the upcoming month.

Hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are!



❤   🙂



  1. First of all, congratulations on your new Peter pattering angel on the way! But, wow repairs plus moving plus decluttering? yipes! :O

  2. […] my last post,  I am pretty sure I mentioned I was working on a couple of projects (2 to be exact), and today I […]

  3. Congrats!

  4. Debi Gotowka · · Reply

    Dear Rebecca, I just found your blog and didn’t realize until I read a few that they were written while ago. I’m so excited to see what you’ve done, I have been into miniatures as long as I can remember I’m 54 now. The Orchid is my next project and I couldn’t be more impressed by what you’ve done. I hope you’re well and settled in your new place with the yard and there’s room for everyone. It sounds like you are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing sincerly yours,
    Debi Gotowka

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