A Mini Christmas

What? Another project? Don’t judge.

My justification…I can’t work on the undersized contest for a bit — more on that tomorrow — and the Orchid is still at my MILs…..so what’s a woman to do about keeping busy? Well make a mini Christmas scene of course. 🙂

Not that I don’t have a tonne of organizing to do around here still! But you know, for that “downtime”, which I rarely get, I need something to keep my hands busy! Either that or I’m just going insane..we will have to wait and see!

The day I got Lina’s outfit from the dollarstore, I also took a gander down the holiday aisle to see if there was anything I could use to make Christmas possible in the dollhouse. With some luck, i was able to find these two Christmas trees, which much to my surprise light up!


I couldn’t wait to get home to try them out! I had this wonderful vision of perhaps white lights of some sort. To be honest, not really sure what I was expecting for $2..But I can tell you I wasn’t expecting this…..

Red lights....And not even Christmas light-ish looking red lights -- here we see fibre optic type lights that stick out of the tree..like, wayyyy out...

Red lights….And not even Christmas light-ish looking red lights — here we see fibre optic type lights that stick out of the tree..like, wayyyy out…

Not even sure how that would be suitable for one’s Christmas village, even with snow-covered over the bright red bases, they still look like something out of a Christmas Sci-fi/Horror/Murder special;

Why would one have red glowing snow. Just what were they thinking when they made these??!

Why would one have red glowing snow. Just what were they thinking when they made these??!

The light doesn’t even show up that much in the pictures, but you can take my word for it. I just keep reminding myself; beggars can’t be chooser’s when shopping at the dollar store, right? Right. The plan is to ditch the lights, obviously…and the fake snow…these will be indoor trees. No need for that. Good thing there are two so I can have a practice run and not be disappointed if I ruin it. 🙂

While also at the dollarstore in the Christmas aisle, I found some “Mini Ornaments” which seem to be suitable for 1:6 scale Christmas decorating.

1:6 ? scale Christmas Ornaments.

1:6 ? scale Christmas Ornaments.

They seem bigger than the average decorations (once converted to scale), but I’m not too worried about that because while I was out shopping earlier this year I noticed that bigger (like, GIANT, the size of my head,) Christmas ball ornaments are starting to appear…so I guess big is a new trend..? Who knows, I have too many Mini projects and Mini people on my hands to be able to follow what the latest developing trend is with Christmas decor. LOL.

I’m suffering from a headache, which is uncommon for me. But I’m attributing it to a change in my prescription (glasses). Actually, I am pretty sure my (soon to be ‘previous”) optometrist didn’t give me the right prescription. I had an appointment last February or March, went to get glasses, they didn’t work. So I went back to have it checked again after my initial appointment. Sure enough the optometrist had made a “mistake’ and I needed a stronger prescription and bifocals! (Ok, no big deal buddy, but how did you not  notice that the first time!??). Anyways, when I received my glasses back for the second time, they still didn’t seem to “work”. However, I know it takes time to adjust to progressive bifocals, (You need to teach yourself to move your whole head and not just your eyes. No more side glancing without feeling sick….O_o ). Also at that time I just became pregnant with Makaio. They say not to get your eyes tested because of the changes in your hormones, so I let it go, only to discover my prescription still isn’t suitable and it’s too late for me to go back to said optometrist and demand another redo. le sigh.

I told you that, because I was really looking forward to doing some Mini-ing tonight, and I even dug out some clay to start making some Christmas decorations for my Mini scene….but my eyes and head just hurt too much! (Although, right now I seem to feel fine, I’m sure if I were to take one step towards my crafting, I’d keel over in pain again…That’s usually how it works!).

Gord is just finally on his way home after work (It’s 11:54 p.m right now — another reason why I am probably talking so much! It gets lonely without the spouse around!). I’ll probably through on some Netflix and wait for him, while perhaps drafting up a post for my Undersized Urbanite update tomorrow…. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great evening curled up in bed! ….Unless you are reading this tomorrow, because you aren’t insane and still awake like me….Have a great morning and I’ll talk to you soon!! 😀



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  1. you could also make it a strange sci-fi horror Christmas scene? I am toying with the idea of maybe trying to make one myself, but not sure I can or have the time. I went to an event on the weekend and they had those humungous size of your head balls just dangling from the ceiling, I didn’t mind them actually. Sort of like Christmas disco balls?

    Hope your head feels better and it’s not spectacles related, I would hate to not have specs that are appropriate (not at bi-focals stage yet) but I don’t see much without mine on!

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