Knitting update!

I finally got a chance to sit with the Orchid for a good stretch. I did a lot of work on the stairs, now they just need to be sanded, painted, and assembled. I also finally made up my mind about wallpaper for each of the rooms. I was thisclose to taping them down when I remembered my trim needs refreshing. So that will be first on the list tonight. It’s getting there. I’m trying to be patient.

I only took a picture of the dining area. I chose to use the salmon-ish/coral (?) paper there.

Crease in corner will be less noticable once it is secured down. 🙂

I really like how it looks against the cream wainscoting. 🙂

Nice contrast against the cream (white) wainscoting.

Since I don’t have much else to share, I thought I’d show off another knitting fail. As I might have mentioned, I started working on the pattern for 1:12 scale ladies underwear. It was going beautifully. Especially considering I am now using silk thread, which is much more fine than the yarn I was previously using. Then I realized I had somehow ended up working past the 14 stitch point and kept on decreasing until 9. I tried to keep going but in the end I just cast it off thinking it might make something else nice.


Something triangular. Lol. Maybe a scarf? Or kercheif for the Blythe’s/Lina? Who knows. The two loops left over are a result of attempting to cast off with two bouncy and/or rolly children under the age of 3.

What shall we be….

I cast on again in pink and feel much more confident for my second attempt (in pink!). I am comfortable with the pattern and weight of yarn..hopefully Lina can sport some knickers soon!

In unrelated but realted news, Gord went salmon fishing tonight. He left me solo parenting at bedtime (not my most favorite) but has promised in return that I may do whatever I want tomorrow. I am always aloud to do what I want of course, but this time he wants me to actually go. For reals.

So, what do I have planned you ask?

1. Thrift store x 4 — need I explain?

2. Zellers — Zellers, part of Hudsons Bay Company was bought out by American Target. (boo, but yay!). I thought the doors were shut but I saw a sign today Monday is last day and it is currently 70-90% off. I’m not expecting to find anything. There was hardly much left last time I was there when it was 50-80%. but I can’t not look of course.

3. Toys R Us — would like to look at some 1:6 doll stuff and check for any possible clearance goodies.

4. Micheals — return other pack of pastel paper along with some others of the pretty paper which I have decided not to use, ever.

Sounds excitinggg to me!

I just got a picture with a pretty large fish (and Gord, lol). With quite a look of excitement.

I only hope tomorrow I can be sending him a similar one from one of my planned adventurous stops. 🙂


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