Stairway to the bedroom

As soon as I typed stairway in the post title, I thought of Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin . Then I started to sing Hotel California by The Eagles, …..actually just repeating the verse “on that dark desert highway, coooool wind in my haiiir.” — you know the one. Lol.

The above (and below) is a little off topic, but maybe helpful in a sense because it can help you to build my character if you don’t already know me. Bursting into random song is not uncommon and in fact, my 2.5 year old is taking after me and often will start singing about what she is doing. I sing when I’m happy, and often just about whatever I may be doing, example (singing voice); ” I am walkingggg overrrr to the sinkkkk to wash my diiiisshhhhh” or “mommy is making a teaaaaa” [insert desirable tune here]. Not that I have a good voice either, I just like to do it. And I have caught myself doing it in public at work or in a store. Just catch me on a good day. 😉

Anyways, I was definitely singing a tune after doing a lot of work on my stairs. However, I didn’t sing when I realized my dream for a fireplace is gone. 😦

Doesn’t even deserve a high quality picture. 😦

And as explained, I already removed exterior “stones” for the chimney….this didn’t make me sing either. 😦

Still need to hide the junction splice with something..

But, regardless of all the tears, the stairs make my heart flutter…..

The room still needs trim obviously, and lots of other things, like paint touch ups and….oh, *sigh*….so much. Also note, contrast is horrible in my pictures. Night + florescent lights = photographic disaster.

They make me happy in a way that the original kit stairs couldn’t. The original stairs were on an awkward angle and would have left Lina and the Blythes walking directly into the wall. I need a certain level of realism in my mini houses. Most important to me while I have been building my mini house is the ability to imagine myself walking through the house as I my own and I hardly doubt there are any houses whose stairs would direct you right into a wall…

I’m rambling now. Lol. The point is the L-shaped stairs bring a sense of realism as it doesn’t end at the wall and all the dolls can walk up them with ample clearance in all directions.

Down the stairs..

Almost enough clearance…Lina might have to lean a little [That pun was totally intended :D]

I used the risers from the kit and cut my own from basswood (without the slots). I cut the back, (also from basswood) and then glued cove molding in 2″ peices to it. With the wall side riser in place to make sure they were as even as possible.

See — inside riser.

I placed the outside (facing room) riser on and then carved and sanded the sides down to the appropriate size to allow the treads to have a bit of an overhang.


I need to make a few adjustments…

I have to get the dremel out and cut back some of the upstairs floor to accommodate for one more step.

I have ordered a TV and hope to build in the space underneath an appropriate sized entertainment unit that appears to be a built-in unit to the stairs. I will probably continue this entertainment unit the whole length of the wall (making it a wall unit, lol) since there is no option for a chimney.

Future Entertainment Unit.

In the corner I still have to adjust the last tread on the stair to make room for the newel post. This tread/stair is usually (in the mini world) 1/4″ or so longer than the rest. I will fix that after. I am also considering placing some shelves into that corner space…if the newer/bigger stair allows for it.

Shelving area…one possibility.

Besides the TV, I will fill the rest of the wall/entertainment unit in as I would with my own. Right now that would mean a lot of children’s toys and DVD’s…..but Lina is single and has no children. So maybe I will fill it in as I would if I were single. 😀

That’s not important for now. My next step is going to be adding banisters and railing. And a tread on the top know..finish something for once…lol. Actually, to finish it, I still have to add the entertainment unit…

So much to do still..

Lina taking a break…lifting a finger can be exhausting! 😉

Funny thing is that the other night I thought I could maybe have the house finished by Christmas. Now I’m thinking maybe at the year anniversary.

We will see! 😀



  1. Jo-Anne Gannon · · Reply

    You are very talented Rebecca
    I can see the amount of work you have put into the staircase alone!
    I think the dollhouse furniture that I would like you to have might be too large. I’ll go and measure the fireplace and let you know.
    Beautiful job you are doing….

    1. Thanks Jo-Anne!! 🙂

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