Stairs, Knitting Kit, and Sweet Potatoes

The past few days (or week I guess) around here have not been productive! Makaio (7 months old) is teething or having a growth/developmental spurt or something which has been causing him discomfort. As a result, we have been up cuddling a few late nights (last night 1 am!). I do sometimes stay up to as late as 3 am, 4 being my absolute cut off if I’m deep in a creative endeavor. However, I find there is a great deal of difference between staying up to craft and staying up to care for a baby. Today I am (or we all are) moving along slowly.

I haven’t attempted much more at the rug because I really don’t have any threads to match what I have made and make a rug. I will have to wait on that one for a bit…

I’ve been slowly putting together some custom stairs, which is going well. I only have a picture of the dry fit right now, but I will still share so you can get an idea of the “vision” I am going for ๐Ÿ™‚

Corner of living room = stairs. Still trying to decide on the colour of wallpaper for this room….

Looking down stairs from bedroom – Dry fit.

The floors need to be dusted (not with a wet cloth or else my floors will have those white cracks again!). and I have no idea what colour to make this room. I painted over the nice dark paper that I originally had, I wanted to change the colour to something I had a vision for but didn’t want to paint over my tape wiring. That was a bad idea because the paper warped and I had to rip it out…

Sooo, I went to yesterday to try to find something more suitable to put in before my stairs are finished….and I came home with a bunch that I am not sure if I like. One contender was dark purple. However, I’m deciding against it because of the green kitchen…so then I started thinking what if I change the kitchen? and since scrapbook paper is on 4/$1 I obviously just bought a lot of kinds I thought I liked and brought it home.

I will be making a trip back to Micheals today, unfortunately…lol. I will share the paper I got later on (along with an updated picture of the stairs) but I’m just trying to check in quickly while one baby naps and the other is quietly winding down before bath. I am hoping that someone can help me with some colour direction for the three rooms on the bottom because I am really lost! I might even have to stop in at the Greenleaf forum. I haven’t been there in foreverrr because of the fact that my baby is becoming more active and my toddler isn’t deactivating… I’m sure you can imagine.

I also recieved another mini knitting kit this week from Lesley’s Miniature knitting. This one is for ladies lengerie. ๐Ÿ˜€

New Knitting Kit

Of course it is more difficult because the yarn is silk and omg soooo tiny and hard to stitch. I cast on 16 st and did a k1, p1 rib for 3 rows and it took an hour. AN HOUR. I also want to point out that this my 3rd attempt already….. of course. lol

Anyhoo, on that note. When I switched blogs and changed also my blog name to Mama’s Mini’s, I did so that I could leave the door open to talk about my favourite mini’s I have ever made myself; my children. ๐Ÿ˜€

Makaio will be 7 months on the 11th and he just had his first taste of pureed sweet potatoes on Thursday night. His reaction was too adorable not to share!



His sister also jumped in for some cute photo oppourtunites…or “kodak moments” as some may know it;

Hard to capture the moments! ๐Ÿ˜€



  1. It’s so hard on you physically and mentally when your little ones feel icky and can’t explain what’s going on. You take your best guess and sometime you’re right. Mama cuddles are always the best medicine. Hope you both get some restful nights soon /hug

  2. Ugh! 1am! You poor thing! I love the pictures of him eating the sweet potatoes! I cant believe the floors of your dollhouse!! That is dedication…I am going to do a post on my (oh, that’s right, I bought it for my girls, but it’s secretly mine) dollhouse soon, but I haven’t done anything on the inside yet…and I don’t have a 7 month old!!

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