Pretty Paper

As promised (I think I promised at least), a picture of the paper I purchased this weekend. I ended up keeping all of them. Lol. I had selected 8 sheets to exchange for what I really needed. The baby was fussy and it didn’t seem worth the $2+ tax I would have received. They are all so pretty. Even though some might not work for the Orchid, and maybe even be a bit too big for 1:12 scale in general, it might work for my bigger 1:6 scale dolls! — Which now that I think of it, I have never shared here…I should maybe introduce them as well! So rude of me, especially considering you know I will be building for them in the future! 😀

All the papers are from the Micheal’s Recollections collection and if you’d like to know the name just ask. This whole rampage started with an idea that the living room should be a dark purple like my roombox has become. Although it usually looks really dark in photographs, it’s an eggplant purple. While at Micheal’s I first picked up some similar coloured cardstock, which photographed horribly, and then picked up the following papers as I went along, hoping, you know, to have the “design epiphany” we all hope for in the scrapbook paper isle. LOL

Anyways, here are the goods. 😀

Pretty cream lace. Too big I think for 1:12. 1:6 this will be gorgeous! 😀

PEACOCK! Only got one sheet of this, as again, I think it might be too big, or at least too busy, for the Orchid. But I’m keeping my eye on this paper at Micheals in case it goes on clearance! The picture was worse before editing, and still doesn’t do true justice to this paper in my flourescent lighted basement apartment…at night.

Purple Paisley. I was considering the dark purple cardstock in living room with this in the kitchen, but when I mentioned it to Gord he just stared…so I assumed that was a “no”. lol

This is the current top contender for the replacement of the kitchen paper, but I have not fully decided that yet….

if the paper above goes into the kitchen (the only room I really feel comfortable having a print in) I purchased this pack of cardstock (2/$7) with the colour on the far left in mind for the living room or dining room…

As a reminder…this is the paper that is currently in the kitchen.

This paper was in the living room, but I felt it was too dark. (again, the picture is very very light, and doesn’t show the colour well). The only place it might end up is the dining room, so it would accent the kitchen…but then what colour would the living room be??!

Thinking of using the original teal paper for the kitchen and dark in the dining room, I purchased this other pack of cardstock in the deal for the colour on the far right.

There you have it, my thought process for the Orchid wallpapering…in pictures. LOL.

I also picked up these for some fun backgrounds for Blythe. Nia helped me choose them of course. 😀


Rainbow stripes!

I am happy with my overall purchase(s). I am not sad I had to keep the extra sheets. 😉 When I got home and calculated it, I actually saved a lot of money. I purchased 24 sheets at 4/$1. So $6+ tax. They are regularly $1. So It would have been $24. Not that I would ever spend that much on paper, but I did spend $5 on the paper for the kitchen after I ripped it and went back to buy more in a panic that they would stop carrying it (and yes, they still have it LOL).

That is all the pretty paper I have for you today. I hope you don’t get paper fever or anything. If you do, I cannot take responsibility!

Before I go, here is a peek at the progress on my stairway;

My little helper. 🙂

I have more completed now. I’m just waiting on my brain to decide on a wallpaper colour, then I have to sand and paint them. If I had not fallen asleep last night with the babies so early, I would have a more current picture to share with you. But that will come tonight!

Have a great day everyone! 🙂



  1. Hi,
    My bestie is getting married we got a bunch of wedding supplies from a lady on craigslist. One of the items she gave us had the purple paisley cardstock and we want to use it for the invites it’s the same as the cardstock in your banner. Can you please tell me the name of the paper and what store you got it from.

    I would greatly appreciate it.


    1. Hi Takia!
      Congrats to your BFF! 🙂
      The paper is from Micheals craft stores and I have since returned it, but I think it might have been called purple paisley or something along those lines! It was from the Recollections Scrapbook paper line. I’ll try to remember to look next time I am there for the real name and I’ll let you know!

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