and then we moved….

As I briefly have mentioned before, we are moving. This process? Driving me insane.

Tuesday night, when Gord called as he was leaving work, I explained to him that the house was just too overwhelming for me to even pack in. I couldn’t think straight to pick up a tape gun and make a box We decided it made more sense for us to move to MIL’s that night, rather than wait until the 11th hour to leave the apartment.

When we gave our notice, we hadn’t even put the offer on the house yet — we just knew, no matter what, we needed out of there, whether it meant buying our own home right away, renting somewhere else, or just staying at MIL’s for a few months to save some money. When we put an offer on the house and knew we’d have a 14 day gap, we decided it would be okay; we could rent a storage unit or keep it at my Mums – not thinking that that would mean we would be moving everything twice. ­O­_o

Le sigh.

It’s okay. (LOL – I tell myself that A LOT). We will get it done, but we only have until Friday to get everything out to be stored at my Mums! (not to mention we probably have at least a truck load of stuff that needs to go to the dump). I can’t believe how fast time has gone, and I laugh at myself when I think how I questioned whether packing right after giving my notice was crasy – I can’t imagine if I hadn’t started immediately!! This has been a difficult process because Gord recently switched job sites and has been putting in a lot of overtime. This leaves me at the apartment trying to shove everything in boxes while also trying to entertain a baby! (Toddler normally stays with my MIL). I look forward to the 14 day “down time” between houses, where I won’t be packing or moving boxes from house to house….

But OMG we bought a house! Well a condo! SO exciting. 😀 I can’t wait to show all of you my future craft room. Yes. That’s right. But I will get all giddy and share that with you when I am there, for now, let’s review what miniature related things I have been up to the past week I have been M.I.A.

Tuesday night, I did bring alone Lina ….in the coffin I recently bought at the dollar store. I’m scared to even open it because she has been in there for 4 nights straight and she will probably be mad, and also mutter something about how she knew that she shouldn’t trust me with that around! But I will beg and plead for her forgiveness, explain that I haven’t had a chance to even bring her out because my nights have been consumed with trying to get the babies to sleep (who have also been having issues adjusting, Nia just being too excited to be at her Nana’s and Makaio is now cutting his to top teeth – now that the bottom ones have fully pushed through, so sleep is just too painful for him). On Monday night I started to make her a new outfit for the colder weather. Looking at her in that short summer dress was painful. I never really liked it for long anyways, so I was glad to get it off!!

I finally had to break down and buy a new phone as well, this one has an amazing camera! I love the Macro focus. Here is a sneak peek at Lina’s outfit up close;

Sweater from a headband. Shirt was made from the pillowcase I used in the bench of the travel scene. And a little belt to hold it all together.


Close up.

I say sneak peek because she still doesn’t have pants, another reason I am sure that she will be upset with me when I take her out. In a coffin pant-less for 4 days…oh boy!

Monday night, before I got into Lina’s new wardrobe, I spent some time fixing up the Orchid living room. If you are new here, or want to refresh your memory, this is what it looked like in my last post;

Whole room overview. Suggestions for the super white door? I am not sure it’s working with my decor…

And here it is now;


Updated Orchid Living room! No more brown walls! 😀

Big change! I changed the paper, because the dark brown was too dark, this is much more neutral. It’s the same paper I used in my Halloween scene and also, coincidentally, the same colour as my (now old) apartment walls! I glued in the stairs, added baseboard trim. Cut new trim for the window and door, (since my other trim had seen its better day from so many renovations!). I also managed to get the pins in for the balusters, but I haven’t attached them (hence the crooked appearance) – I figure I will wait until we get to the final resting place before I move any further than I have, doesn’t make much sense now, since it is going to be moved twice within the next 19 days!

I haven’t had much time to even work on anything mini related while I have been here. I hope that once we get everything out of the apartment and into storage (and Makaio’s teeth finally cut) that I will be able to have some down time to do some creating, because oh my gooooooodness do I ever miss it!!!!!

I was going to bring my dolls to pretty them up…but now I am leaning more towards just brining the ¼” scale house with me to finish. I am not sure I will have much time to do much else besides that in the 14 day span of moving freedom. All that needs to be finished there is landscaping…and furnishing….maybe some touch-up painting…. Probably a lot more than I remember, as is usually the case with abandoned crafting projects!

Here is the last post I dedicated to the project here. You can find all the posts related to that build here.

Another thing that was holding me back from any form of communication (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….) is that I have misplaced my wall phone charger and only have my USB computer one! Which means I have to leave my phone plugged into the computer, which also needs to be plugged in….and well, that’s just been difficult! LOL

As I mentioned Instagram, it made me realize that I now have an Instagram web profile which you can visit here. Lot’s of mini pictures posted there! 😀

Anyways, I’m off to pack and move boxes for the day!! O_o

Hope to be in more now that we are getting a little more settled here. 😀

Have a great Sunday!


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