Undersized Urbanite: Work in Progress: Front Porch

I have two more posts it’s really not nice to lie, I have A LOT more posts coming, but this is one of the two last “Work in progress” installments. Then I owe a general undersized urbanite update, and have some thrifting goodies to share!

After spending time on the inside, I turned back to the exterior. My first priority there is to get the porch up, so I can start attaching the roof, and then the tapewire and lights (I can’t believe I am actually talking about installing lights this many days away from the end of the contest, but it has always been a part of the plan, and it must happen!).

It took me a couple of days to even figure out what to do with the porch. I was having troubles figuring out the angle, then how will I get the porch supports cut on this angle, blah blah blah. I also originally wanted porch supports that had stone on the bottom and wood on the top, like this;


I attempted a few ways of doing this, but didn’t want to buy more supplies, and wasn’t happy with the results I was getting, so decided to just use plain dowels that I had on hand. I was surprisingly happy with the results;


2013-04-17 23.17.47

Quarter scale porch, work in progress.


I was actually more happy with the results than I thought I would be. Of course the only two pictures I took are blurry, but here is with the roof on.


Quarter scale porch, work in progress

Quarter scale porch, work in progress


I’m not sure how the one dowel ended up so short. Thankfully I saved pieces I cut off, so I should be able to attach one to the bottom and it won’t be that noticeable with a bit of paint on it. I also made railings from cut bamboo toothpicks (much more sturdy for cutting, which makes for a more clean cut edge when working in this small of scale).

Quarter scale porch, work in progress

Quarter scale porch, work in progress


The matchsticks weren’t as long as the space, so I had to join two together. It is visible, but hopefully once I paint it, it won’t be noticeable. I still have to make two more for the sides and some for the stairs;

2013-04-17 23.19.27


Here are a few more pictures, again blurry, from different angles.

2013-04-17 23.19.18

I still have a LOT to do over here too, and I’ve been contemplating on adding a front porch light? (someone slap me back to reality, there are only 14 days 21 hours and 31 minutes left as of RIGHT NOW – according to The Little Victorian contest page!

Be back again very soon! (I’m just going to bomb your feeds with posts so I can heavily reduce my to-blog list!)


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  1. Looking great!

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